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What Is The Goal of a Family Program?

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What Is The Goal of a Family Program?

Today’s stressful world makes it hard for families to connect. Work, school, and social pressures often keep families apart. Addiction and mental health can make it hard for loved ones to understand each other and communicate. Unfortunately, addiction can cause rifts and shift family dynamics. Family programs can help young adults and their loved ones reconnect and build strong communication skills. These programs can help parents and their adult children understand mental health and how to heal together.

If your family needs a family program, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Our holistic programs for adolescent men provide comprehensive family programs in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Call us today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about the benefits of our family programs.

What Happens in Family Workshops or Family Programs for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health?

Family therapy programs provide comprehensive healing for the whole family. As a type of group therapy for loved ones, family therapy can help heal trauma and change behaviors. A licensed family therapist will moderate discussions and activities between family members. Most family programs use behavioral treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy to help people understand their moods and behaviors. Over time, exercises help family members change behaviors for a stronger family unit.

Family program exercises might include role-play or specific types of discussions to shift dynamics and improve communication. A family therapist provides a neutral perspective to help families identify and change relationship patterns in healthy ways. They can be integral in helping parents, couples, and young adults understand addiction triggers and mood disorders.

Benefits of Family Programs for You and Your Loved Ones

Family programs don’t just help people reconnect and heal. They’re a great way to educate the whole family on mental health and addiction. Benefits of family programs include:

  • Better communication skills
  • Understanding other’s experiences
  • Recognizing and changing behavioral patterns
  • Recognizing familial roles
  • Group coping strategies
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Healing from trauma

These are only a few benefits of family programs. For those who have undergone trauma, family programs are a wonderful way to help the whole family heal.

Family Programs Goals and Objectives Your Family Will Love

The goals of family programs are individualized. If someone is struggling with a mood disorder, their goals will be different from someone living with addiction. Some goals of family programs include:

  • Establish boundaries
  • Develop coping strategies and relapse prevention strategies
  • Redefine roles in relationships and address disfunction
  • Learning to self-advocate
  • Become better listeners
  • Developing empathy
  • Learning to express emotions safely and listening actively

Family therapy programs help loved ones express needs and feelings without judgment. The safe space of a family program can help loved ones open up and better understand their own needs. They’re also an excellent way for families to work together towards long-term goals in addiction recovery.

Find the Right Holistic Family Program in Asheville, North Carolina

Family programs can be a great way for loved ones to move forward in life together. If your family is struggling, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Our holistic recovery center in Asheville, North Carolina, specializes in family programs for young men ages 18-30. We provide dual diagnosis treatment for substance abuse, process addiction, disordered eating, and co-occurring disorders. With a combination of traditional and alternative therapies rooted in ecotherapy, clients at Red Oak Recovery® enjoy reconnecting to themselves and their families through our holistic approaches to healing.

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