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What Is National Recovery Month?

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What Is National Recovery Month?

National Recovery Month occurs annually in September. It celebrates the successes of those in recovery and of those still attempting to recover from mental health conditions and/or addiction. Just as the nation celebrates mothers on Mother’s Day and nurses on Nurse’s Day, National Recovery month is a nod to those who are actively working to overcome addiction and better their lives. It’s also a celebration of those who work tirelessly in the behavioral healthcare system to help others achieve sobriety for life. As a result, National Recovery Month is an annual reminder that hope matters and that everything is possible with the right help.

With professional care from the hundreds of drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers throughout the nation, you can also overcome substance use. At Red Oak Recovery®, we are committed to helping men overcome substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and trauma that has held them back in life. Contact us today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about the men’s addiction treatment program, such as our 12-step addiction recovery services.

Addiction Recovery: National Recovery Month 2020

Last year, the theme for National Recovery Month was “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections.” Subsequently, this theme highlighted the importance of building a positive network of supportive people to aid in recovery. Because addiction causes isolation, recovery requires socialization. Learning to reach out, ask for help, and to give support in return are essential themes for anyone in treatment for addiction. For many, it’s the single most difficult coping skill to master after a lifetime of being let down, neglected, or abused by others, including those who should care the most. Accordingly, last year’s theme celebrates reaching out and learning to trust again.

Celebrating National Recovery Month 2021

This year’s theme is “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” Once again, this theme highlights the need for support in recovery. Every person’s recovery journey is unique, but no one should have to do it alone. When clients reach out to Red Oak Recovery®, we ensure that no one feels isolated or alone during their journey to sobriety. Clients have the opportunity to engage with others in a wide array of treatment options available, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Opiate addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment

No one should have to try to overcome addiction alone. National Recovery Month and Red Oak Recovery® work to remind people of every background that they aren’t alone in this journey.

The Forces Behind National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month will be sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery, an advocacy group spearheaded by Johnny Allem. Allem is the former president and CEO of the Johnson Institute. He’s also the Director of Healthcare Operations for the District of Columbia Mental Health System. Aside from heading up Faces & Voices of Recovery, Allem was also instrumental in establishing SOAR, or the Society of Americans in Recovery.

Through advocacy and education, the Faces & Voices of Recovery works tirelessly to mobilize the millions of people in recovery across the nation and bring their message to the masses: Hope and help are available for addiction, and recovery is possible.

Previously, National Recovery Month was sponsored by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

To Participate in National Recovery Month

You can participate in National Recovery Month by volunteering at a local homeless shelter, supporting a friend in recovery, or hosting a recovery event in your community. You can join in by celebrating your sobriety and carrying your message to others at a local support group meeting. Furthermore, you can celebrate National Recovery Month by seeking treatment for yourself or encouraging a loved one to reach out for help. September is the perfect time to make a fearless, personal inventory of your life and set new goals for the future. Use National Recovery Month as the incentive to change the direction of your life for the better.

Red Oak Recovery® is Waiting

When you’re ready to reach out, Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina is waiting to help. Red Oak Recovery® assists young men between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to find recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Situated on a picturesque campus in the rolling foothills near Ashland, NC, Red Oak Recovery® offers vast, sweeping acreage to assist in recovery. We offer a range of therapies, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Yoga therapy

Well-maintained but secluded mountain trails offer time for reflection, and sunsets and sunrises bring inspiration to those who feel lost or broken.

You or your loved one will find healing at Red Oak Recovery®. Contact us today at 866.457.7590 to learn about treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and to find out how you can use National Recovery Month as a stepping-off point to a brighter future.