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What are the Triggers of Drinking That You Need to Watch?

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What are the Triggers of Drinking That You Need to Watch?

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common and damaging types of addiction in the world. And those trying to recover from this problem may have many triggers of drinking that they need to understand before they decide to quit. As a result, it is essential to examine these triggers and to gauge which trigger affects you and how to manage them without falling back on alcoholism. For men’s addiction treatment, contact our North Carolina treatment center today.

The Most Common Triggers of Drinking

While there are many triggers of drinking, a few are more common than others. By understanding these factors better, you can give yourself an insight into your problem that you may otherwise lack. Furthermore, you can also help others in your situation by finding what triggers cause them to drink excessively.

HALT– A Damaging Acronym

One acronym that we use at our alcohol addiction treatment program is the term HALT. This acronym stands for four common triggers of drinking – the emotions of hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. That’s because these four emotions often trigger difficulties that may cause a person to drink. For example, those who associate hunger with alcohol may drink a beer to calm their appetite. And anger may lead a person to drink as a way of soothing their nerves. Make sure to calm yourself if you feel these emotions, such as eating a snack, sleeping better, or considering rehab.

The triggers that HALT identifies can be dealt with by making sure individuals participate in self-care. This is the process by which individuals make a deliberate and practical effort to make sure their emotional and physical needs are met. It’s all too easy to ignore the needs of the body and mind. We go too long without eating and then make snap decisions. We allow ourselves to get overworked and then suffer the consequences of lashing out at others or becoming aggressive. By considering HALT, individuals can attend to their needs before issues arise.

Human Triggers – A Common Problem for Many

Have you ever met a person who always brings alcohol to you? These types of human triggers are often hard to avoid because they can be friends and family members whom you love dearly. However, you may need to either distance yourself from them until you feel more recovered. Unfortunately, you may even need to cut them out of your life for good to stay sober and healthy.

Environmental Triggers – A Difficult Concern to Avoid

When considering triggers of drinking, many people don’t take a look at their surroundings or situations that may cause them to drink. For example, many people fall off the wagon during the Super Bowl because so many people associate it with drinking. Or they may always have a particular beer when visiting a favorite town. Knowing how to avoid these common triggers is a major challenge and often requires a person to get new hobbies and find different hangouts.

Social Problems – A Devastating Series of Issues

Lastly, many people experience triggers of drinking due to social problems in their life. For example, isolation from friends and family members after moving to a new town may make drinking an attractive step. And troubles with relationships – including new romantic partners, breakups with old partners, and co-dependent addictive circumstances – can all make drinking hard to avoid for many people.

Learn to Avoid These Triggers

If you are worried about these triggers of drinking and need help avoiding yours, please contact us at 866.457.7590 today to contact us at Red Oak Recovery®. Our professionals have a hybrid program that includes experiential, clinical, and organic care options in an amicable environment. Verify your insurance now to start on your path of ultimate addiction recovery. We’ll do what we can to help get you back on your feet and healthy.