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Are Sheldon SC Drug Rehab Centers My Only Option?

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Are Sheldon SC Drug Rehab Centers My Only Option?

If you’re struggling with addiction, realizing you need help is the first hurdle you need to clear. From there, you need to find a drug rehab center that can provide you with the treatment you need for recovery. However, a common misconception surrounding treatment is that you can only choose from facilities in your area. For this reason, you may feel as though Sheldon SC drug rehab centers are your only option for help. Before making any decisions regarding care, take the time to consider heading to a men’s drug rehab center in North Carolina.

Why Not Choose Sheldon SC Drug Rehab Centers?

Many might wonder, why not stay close to home and head to one of the available Sheldon SC drug rehab centers for help. While this may seem like the best choice out of convenience, it may not be ideal for your recovery.

A drug rehab Sheldon SC offers could have a limit on treatment options. Without a range of options in programs, therapies, and services, your care could fall short of what you need. Clients deserve a variety of addiction treatment programs to ensure they receive exactly what they need for reaching their goals of recovery.

Going to a drug rehab Sheldon SC offers also means keeping you close to the triggers that led to your addiction in the first place. Heading away from home means giving yourself a fresh start with treatment. As you go through your program, you learn how to manage and work through your triggers and cravings. This better prepares you for your return home since you will know how to face these obstacles without abusing drugs. If you choose Sheldon SC drug rehab centers, you deny yourself this opportunity and leave yourself at risk for a quick relapse.

Does the Drug Rehab Sheldon SC Provide Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you’re struggling with both an addiction and a mental illness, you need treatment for both. Sheldon SC drug rehab centers may lack the proper education and training necessary to offer this type of treatment. Without dual diagnosis treatment, you remain in the dangerous cycle of addiction. As you use drugs to self-medicate, you are only making the symptoms of your mental illness worse. To break the cycle, you need to address both issues at the same time.

Help at Red Oak Recovery®

Instead of settling for Sheldon SC drug rehab centers, learn more about Red Oak Recovery® today. Our North Carolina facility offers a full continuum of care for clients struggling with addiction and mental health. The location of our facility allows us to provide new and modern therapies to create a unique experience for our clients. We offer wilderness and adventure therapies that allow our clients to work through the root of their addictions while also learning crucial life and problem-solving skills. Contact Red Oak Recovery® to learn more about your available options by calling 866-457-7590.