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What are Drug Rehab Centers?

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What are Drug Rehab Centers?

A group therapy session at quality rehab centersDrug rehab centers are facilities designed to help individuals overcome substance use disorders. These facilities implement a combination of medical, psychological, and holistic services to help clients manage their addiction and integrate back into everyday life.

Since everyone’s struggle with addiction is different and unique, rehab centers offer a variety of treatment programs to address those needs. Many centers offer specific programs for men and women.

Choosing a Rehab Center

Choosing a rehab center can be a daunting decision. Treatment centers offer so many different options for clients that it may be hard to discern which will work best for you or your loved one. The best way to choose a rehab center and a treatment plan is to begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do I need inpatient or outpatient care?
  • Do I want to be close to home or far away? How far away am I willing to go?
  • Do I want to be in a men’s or women’s specific program? Young adult rehab programs?
  • Are there specific amenities I want the facility to have–swimming pool, fitness center, sauna?
  • What kind of therapy am I interested in–group, individual, or family counseling?
  • What kind of drug rehab insurance policies do they accept?
  • How long do I want to be away for treatment?

This is just a sample of the kinds of questions you should ask yourself when looking at rehab centers. By establishing what your needs are and prioritizing them, you can begin looking at rehab programs and facilities that suit your needs.

Do Rehab Centers Work?

Yes! And 75 percent of Red Oak Recovery®’s clients are still sober after a year.

Rehab centers play an essential role in a person’s recovery from addiction. Firstly, attempting to self-detox or begin recovery without help can be dangerous. Depending on the substance, withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly severe and unmanageable. This is why medical supervision during withdrawal from any substance is necessary.

During recovery, a client may discover underlying mental disorders that relate to their substance use. The counseling and therapy options that rehab centers offer will help a client evaluate their mental health and learn healthy strategies to manage it as well as the addiction.

In addition to teaching strategies for mental health, many treatment facilities also teach clients lifestyle and stress-relieving skills. These new skill sets need to become a part of everyday life. Thus, the client has healthy methods for handling stress. This way, the client is at a reduced risk for relapse.

Speaking of relapse, many rehab centers offer services after a client leaves their recovery program. Continued and less restrictive care after a recovery program will help a client slowly readjust to everyday life outside the rehab center.

A quality rehab center like Red Oak Recovery® will be with you every step of the way. If you’re ready to address your substance use problem and take steps towards a successful recovery, contact us at 866-457-7590 to begin working towards healthier living.