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Will Prospect, KY Drug Rehab Centers Offer Men’s Rehab Options?

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Will Prospect, KY Drug Rehab Centers Offer Men’s Rehab Options?

Addiction is one of the hardest things that most people will ever have to overcome. Both men and women struggle with mental disorders. However, each gender has different needs when it comes to receiving addiction treatment. While a men’s rehab is ideal for gender-specific care, not all Prospect, KY, drug rehab centers provide this option for clients. To give yourself the best chance at achieving your recovery goals, consider an Asheville, NC men’s rehab center.

Men’s Rehab Is Free of Distraction

When it comes to seeking treatment, plenty of programs offer treatment for both genders. While these programs seem all-encompassing at first, they actually pose a number of problems. One of the biggest is that women are often a distraction for men.

Addiction treatment is a very difficult time in many people’s lives. Typically, men look for a distraction to keep themselves from having to deal with the issues at hand. Removing women from the equation makes it easier for them to focus. However, some Prospect, KY, drug rehab centers may fail to remove this distraction from treatment. While you might find a Prospect, KY, men’s rehab, they might not provide the full range of treatment options that you need. Doing research regarding the therapies available through gender-specific rehabs is crucial to making your final decision.

Addressing Culture and Social Factors

Men’s rehab also makes it easier to address certain social and cultural factors that society places on them. Throughout history, society has placed certain roles on both men and women. Rehab for men addresses these issues and the burden that these societal roles put on men.

In some cases, stereotypes cause men to turn to drugs for relief. For example, society often places the role of provider and protector on men. What happens when they have trouble providing for their families?

When men feel like they aren’t doing their jobs, the emotional and psychological impact can give way to several mental health issues. Instead of seeking treatment for these problems, many turn to drugs or alcohol as self-medication. Unfortunately, abusing drugs for an extended period can lead to the development of addiction.

Why Do Men Seek Therapy?

Therapy is an important step in helping people overcome addiction. However, the reasons why men need therapy often differ greatly from why women need therapy. Social and cultural factors are just one example. Some other reasons include:

  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Relationship issues
  • Process addictions
  • Work issues
  • Father issues

It’s common for men to develop other addictions alongside substance use disorder, such as gambling or sex addictions. These issues are mental illnesses, as well. It’s important that men’s rehab deals with all of these issues to prevent relapse later on.

Consider Out of State Instead of Prospect, KY, Drug Rehab Centers

When you need addiction therapy services that you can count on, don’t simply settle for Prospect, KY, drug rehab centers because of their location. Instead, consider heading to Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina. We offer a range of programs and services at our male-focused facility. To learn more about gender-specific treatment, contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.