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Physical Dependence

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Physical Dependence

Drug abuse typically stems from emotional issues. Physical dependence to drugs often takes hold when these issues are left untreated. A dual diagnosis treatment program in Leicester, NC provides the support to overcome your physical dependence to drugs.

How Physical Dependence Begins

Physical dependence begins when the body starts adapting to drug use. For example, opiate receptors in the mind and body become addicted to heroin or other opiates. As a result, a person may feel like they “need” a drug to be healthy. Otherwise, they will experience withdrawal symptoms that can be quite painful.

In essence, your body comes to rely on these substances. And while researchers understand how these addictions develop, they aren’t quite sure why they occur in certain people. Not everybody who abuses drugs gets physically addicted. Likely reasons include genetics and other aspects that are hard to predict.

Gauging a Dependency

Physical dependence can occur in anybody at any time. That’s what makes drug abuse so scary. Many people try drugs once and never get addicted. Some use for years without physical symptoms. However, others may find themselves compelled to use after just one hit. As a result, you need to know how to spot the signs of physical addiction. These signs include:

  • Changes in your appetite
  • Troubling health changes, like unexplained weight loss
  • Trouble sleeping or staying awake
  • Sudden changes in physical appearance
  • Inability to quit taking
  • Painful withdrawal symptoms
  • Higher tolerance levels

These symptoms help let you know that physical dependence is a reality. Knowing that you are dependent on a drug can be scary. Many people feel weak or immoral when this happens. Don’t think that way. You are not soft or evil because you are addicted. Addiction is a disease and affects millions of people everywhere. As a result, you must get proper medical care to stay healthy.

Ways Rehab Can Help

If you believe you suffer from physical dependence, help is available. Don’t be afraid to go through rehab to regain a sober life. This process can seem very demanding to many. However, it is just like any other medical treatment. And once you finish, you can regain a sober lifestyle and live a more fulfilled, happier life. The following addiction treatment programs offered at Red Oak Recovery® can help you make a lasting recovery:

All of these steps help to make your rehab more effective. Just as importantly, they can manage physical dependency at the same time. Learning how to quit drugs often requires you to change your life for the better and strive to become the best person that you deserve to be in life. Everybody deserves to be sober, and you can achieve that goal by finishing rehab.

Let Us Help You Recover

At Red Oak Recovery®, we understand how to treat physical dependence. We can provide you with the help that you need to manage this situation. Call 866.457.7590, and we can connect you to a detox program near you. Then, you can attend our counseling sessions to learn how to stay sober. This approach is critical, as physical and psychological dependence usually goes hand in hand.