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Why a Men’s Drug Rehab in Bethesda, MD Isn’t the Only Option

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Why a Men’s Drug Rehab in Bethesda, MD Isn’t the Only Option

As you look at a men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD, it may occur to you that staying in the same area might not be the best idea. One program you might consider is Red Oak Recovery®. This program not only meets your need to find a substance use treatment center outside your regular living area. It also offers a men’s rehab program that can heal your whole being, creating a higher chance of lasting recovery.

Addiction in Maryland

America continues to battle the opioid epidemic, and Maryland is no exception. With a record number of unintentional intoxication deaths in 2021 at 2,129, more people than ever are facing the most severe consequences of addiction.1 Unfortunately, local, state, and federal resources may have a difficult time keeping up with the number of overdose emergencies.

Fentanyl is one of the primary sources of increased overdose death in the state. More than 83% of overdose deaths in Maryland in 2021 involved the synthetic opioid.2 As the drug becomes more popular, more people struggling with addiction are realizing the grave consequences that come with it.

The options for men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD include quality care in supportive facilities. However, it may be an added challenge for someone to attempt to recover from addiction in the same location where they used drugs and alcohol. Taking a break from the area to go to a safe, tranquil environment can make a difference in a successful recovery.

Advantages of A Different Location

Not everyone has the family support needed for a men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD. Often, family dynamics have become unhealthy during the process of addiction. In addition, the longer you have used drugs, the less likely you are to have a friend network that can support your recovery. Not having this support network and still being in the same environment that reminds you of drug use daily can have a detrimental effect on your recovery.

By seeking rehab in a completely different environment, you can remove those reminders until you are strong enough to deal with them more positively. Moreover, you also send a signal to your brain that you are ready for a change.

How Red Oak Is Different from Men’s Addiction Treatment in Bethesda, MD

By looking for a men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD, you limit yourself and miss out on programs that can do a great deal of good. At Red Oak Recovery®, we put equal emphasis on our evidence-based and holistic treatments. We know that by learning to function in an environment outside of a treatment facility, you gain self-confidence that you can’t replicate in a hospital setting. Upon completing your personalized addiction treatment program, you will have gained confidence, trust in your ability to make better decisions, and a greater understanding of how you fit into the bigger world. All of this allows you to approach future decisions from a newer perspective. You will be stronger in body, mind, and spirit, a fundamental goal of holistic healing.

Why Holistic Healing?

People seeking a men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD often wonder why a holistic approach to healing is significant. They may even be confused as to exactly what this term means. In the simplest of terms, holistic healing is an approach that considers the whole body, not just one part or one disorder.

You are a being with physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological needs. You are part of a larger world and have social needs as well. When any one of these areas is not healthy, it takes away from the other regions, leaving you at risk of falling back into old habits and ways of dealing with stress and adversity.

When you pay attention to each area and focus on what you need to become healthy on all levels, your chances of continuing on the rehab path increase substantially. While undergoing rehab at Red Oak Recovery®, you will experience healing in all aspects of life.

Consider a Change from a Men’s Rehab Center in Bethesda, MD

If you are struggling and looking for a men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD, consider reaching out to Red Oak. Then you can see if we are what you are seeking in a recovery program. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff wants to help you grow past your drug problem and become the incredible being that you have always been inside. With our help, a new future is just over the horizon. Our men’s drug rehab in Bethesda, MD offers treatment for many types of addictions, including:

  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Benzo addiction

To learn more about your treatment options, contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590 today.



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