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Making a Lasting Change: Are You Ready?

/Over 30 years ago, a team of researchers identified motivation as a prime indicator of success in recovery. Their research is the basis for the Stages of Change model, which assesses an individual’s readiness to make a permanent life change.

Identifying and Increasing Motivation

In addiction therapy, the Stages of Change model has become an invaluable tool. Many addicts find themselves in therapy because of an intervention and not because they have chosen to make a change. Using the model, a therapist can assess the degree of motivation and start to build upon it.

Assessing Readiness to Change

There are generally six recognized Stages of Change:

  1. In pre-contemplation, a person may be aware of addiction’s downside but has no intention to change.
  2. In contemplation, he or she is open to change, but without the necessary confidence or motivation to make a change.
  3. In preparation, the person is willing to change and anticipates the benefits of change.
  4. In the action stage, the individual gathers insight and skills to effect the change.
  5. In maintenance, a person achieves awareness and self-control, which enable him to focus on relapse prevention.
  6. In termination, the individual successfully lives a healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

Relapse Is Part of the Process

Progression through the stages is not steady, and relapse may occur at any point. The addiction therapist adjusts treatment to encourage motivation at each phase.

Integrated, Individualized Addiction Treatment

The decision to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction comes with many mixed emotions. For young people seeking treatment as the result of an intervention, these emotions may include anger and resentment that can interfere with recovery success. At Red Oak Recovery®, individualized treatment and family counseling work through the complex maze of addiction’s causes and the damaged relationships it leaves behind.

If addiction to drugs or alcohol is disrupting your family life and destroying your young adult child, you can find help at our North Carolina recovery center. Call 866.831.9107 now to speak with a Red Oak Recovery® enrollment specialist. Begin the recovery process today, for yourself and your loved one.