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Maintaining Relationships While in an Alcohol Treatment Program

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Maintaining Relationships While in an Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcohol addiction can profoundly impact relationships. Family, friends, and partners can struggle to understand the experience of someone in an alcohol treatment program. Unfortunately, alcohol and other substance use disorders can cause rifts in relationships. 12-step addiction recovery can help those in alcohol abuse programs make amends and rebuild relationships at a pace that works for them.

If you or someone you love is looking for a 12-step addiction recovery program for young men, North Carolina’s Red Oak Recovery® can help. Our alcohol treatment center provides holistic healing for men ages 18-30 living with substance abuse disorders and co-occurring disorders. Reach our staff today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about our 12-step recovery programs.

What Is a 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program?

12-step addiction recovery programs are one of the most common long-term tools to help people rebuild relationships and recover from alcohol and other substance use disorders. These structured support groups help meeting attendees focus on recovery through completing 12 actionable steps. 12-step meetings provide mutual aid for people in various stages of recovery through supportive, often anonymous group meetings. While there are many types of 12-step programs targeting specific addictions, the recovery approach began with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Originally based on spiritual principles, 12-step programs focus on surrendering to a higher power, admitting you cannot control your addiction alone. They work towards making amends and rebuilding relationships through forgiveness. 12-step programs are so effective that groups meet around the globe.

How Can 12-Step Meetings Help Me Rebuild Relationships in an Alcohol Recovery Program?

12-step programs are a great way to bring together people with similar experiences of addiction. They are accessible and often welcome new members or members from out of town. While the 12 steps in an alcohol recovery program can vary based on faith practices, they usually follow these guidelines:

  1. Admitting addiction is out of control and cannot be overcome with willpower
  2. Focusing on support outside of themselves
  3. Surrendering to a higher power and asking for help
  4. Moral inventory
  5. Admitting wrongs to self and others
  6. Releasing character faults
  7. Humbly asking to release personal shortcomings
  8. Taking inventory of those harmed by addiction
  9. Making amends whenever possible
  10. Continuing to admit wrongdoing
  11. Prayer or meditation guided toward one’s personal path
  12. Carrying forward the 12 steps and helping others through recovery

Because 12-step programs primarily focus on moral inventory, admitting wrongs, and making amends, they can be a significant first step towards repairing relationships. The 12 steps provide a structured recovery plan that helps members recover together. This can improve communication skills and empathy while simultaneously reducing loneliness and the risk of reuse.

How to Maintain Relationships During Alcohol Recovery

12-step programs are only one way to rebuild and maintain relationships during recovery. Alcohol treatment centers often provide comprehensive group and family therapy. This can help loved ones deepen communication, practice empathy, and begin to understand each other. It can also help family members understand addiction, mental health, and relationship dynamics to provide coping mechanisms and tools for the whole family. This can reduce overall stress and help everyone in the family feel heard and supported. Group therapy can help people in recovery find a sober community and people with a shared experience of alcohol addiction.

Find the 12-Step Addiction Recovery for You at Red Oak Recovery®

If your son or a young man you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Our North Carolina-based holistic alcohol treatment center provides 12-step programs for long-term health. Red Oak Recovery® focuses on ecotherapy and traditional evidence-based therapies in beautiful North Carolina. Call us at 866.457.7590 to learn what our 12-step recovery programs can do for you.