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The Importance Of Family Support To Someone Suffering From An Addiction

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The Importance Of Family Support To Someone Suffering From An Addiction

One out of every seven people has an addiction. Addiction comes in all types, from alcohol or drug dependence to spending too much time on social media sites. If you have a family member who is currently suffering from addictive behavior, having family support is extremely important to help them get through treatment.

Why Family Support Is So Important

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, family support is one of the four pillars that lead to a successful recovery for an addict. The other three include health, home, and purpose. Without one of those pillars, an addict needs to rely on the other three to get them through their struggles in stopping their behavior. While this is certainly doable, having that fourth pillar ensures a stable foundation for successfully completing treatment.

Many addicts are afraid to ask family members for help. They do not want to be ridiculed or shamed for their actions. As a result, they try to hide their problem. They may also keep the severity of the issue away from their family. Others do bring their family into their lives but push them away when they suggest addiction treatment. A mix of understanding, tough love, and communication are family support methods that help an addict to rely on members without using them as crutches during their recovery process.

What To Do To Help A Family Member

There are a few tasks to take to try helping someone who has an addiction. Being there to communicate about the problem is a must. If the person believes you will tell others when they ask you not to, or if they think you will turn on them and scold them for their actions, it is likely they will not continue to rely on you to speak with about their addiction.

Trust is vital for someone who has addictive behavior. You can use tough love, however, when dealing with a family member with addictive behavior. Enabling them to continue their addiction makes it harder for them to quit. Do not give the person money for drugs or alcohol, do not give them rides to obtain it, or make excuses for their behavior. Be upfront with your loved one that you are there for them but that you are not going to condone any action that leads them to partake in addiction. Offer them some solutions to their problem, such as going with them to counseling or helping them to get their mind off an addiction by engaging in a hobby, exercise, or another entertaining activity. This family support helps get the person with an addiction to begin toward treatment.

How To Get Help For An Addiction

If a family member is suffering from an addiction, family support is necessary to help them get through treatment. Red Oak Recovery® is located in Asheville, NC, and tends to male clients between the ages of 18-34. We offer many treatment options for those dealing with all types of addictions. Some of our services include:

If you want to offer family support to a loved one, reach out to Red Oaks Recovery for more information about treatment options. Contact us by calling 866.457.7590 at your convenience.