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Do I Need Gender Specific Treatment?

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Do I Need Gender Specific Treatment?

Do you have trouble showing your emotions? As a young male in the 21st century, do you feel pressure to keep your emotions in check and put on a brave face for the world? If so, gender-specific treatment may be a more practical option when you’re trying to recover from substance use disorder. As a participant in a gender-specific treatment program, you’ll be surrounded by others who share your struggles. A men’s treatment program is inclusive only to males, leaving you free to be who you are without judgment. Consequently, if you think you may benefit from one of our young adult treatment programs, contact Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina today by calling 866.457.7590.

Gender-Specific Treatment Explained

A gender-specific treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction in North Carolina helps men and women separately at different locations. In most instances, there are women’s campuses and men’s campuses. Therapy and counseling are available to each group; however, they don’t take place together. This treatment allows therapists, psychiatrists, or support-group leaders to focus on issues important only to men or women. As a result, treatment is more targeted and defined, and recovery becomes easier to achieve.

Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

Young adult treatment programs specific to men generally cover topics relevant to males. These may include:

  • Job performance or job loss
  • Pressure to perform
  • Fatherhood
  • Men’s health
  • Relationship issues

While issues such as these do not apply only to men, they do comprise many of the problems men face in the modern world. Conversely, women’s treatment programs may tackle issues such as sexual abuse, motherhood, women’s health, and more. Both types of drug and alcohol treatment programs may cover shared concerns, including childhood trauma, finances, sexual dysfunction, or aging.

The significant benefits of gender-specific treatment include discussing delicate issues without embarrassment. You’ll also get the opportunity to open up and share feelings and emotions without the need to hold back.

Why Consider a Men’s Treatment Program?

If you’ve tried and failed to recover from drug or alcohol addiction in the past, a men’s treatment program may provide a level of care that helps you push past those obstacles that hold you back. If you’ve never entered gender-specific treatment, it may surprise you just how effective it proves to be. Sharing feelings without judgment, exploring those topics that pertain specifically to you, and not feeling the need to keep a brave face can be highly effective in treating addiction. Generally, it may open up another world where you’re free to explore and examine at your own pace. Gender-specific treatment could be the drug and alcohol treatment program that changes the trajectory of your life.

Young Adult Treatment Programs at Red Oak Recovery®

The men’s rehab program at Red Oak Recovery® treats men ages 18 to 30. Whether you need help with a substance use disorder involving alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs such as cocaine or heroin, we’re waiting to help.

Red Oak Recovery® offers a picturesque, men’s only campus that’s scenic and calming. Access to nearby wooded areas provides plenty of room for wilderness adventures such as zip-lining and rock climbing. Additionally, there’s time to walk or hike meandering trails, and there are stunning views, just waiting for discovery.

Do you need a change from the hectic pace of your daily life? If you’d like a safe place to go for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in North Carolina, the men’s treatment program at Red Oak Recovery® is waiting. There’s nothing to lose but the chaos and havoc of substance use disorder, and there’s everything in the world to gain. Contact us today at 866.457.7590 to learn more.