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Different Recovery Programs

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Different Recovery Programs

The mechanics of addiction are straight-forward, but addiction itself varies from one individual to the next. Not only are the substances different, producing different symptoms and recovery challenges, but there are many other factors involved. Age, general physical health, length of usage, and even gender all contribute to how addiction needs to be managed. Add this to the different underlying causes of why substance use started and the individual personalities of those involved, and every case is different from all the rest. One recovery program won’t work for every individual. That is why one facility often offers different recovery programs and why you need to do your homework before deciding on your addiction treatment program.

Age and Gender

Adolescents and adults are at different places in life. They have different support systems and different responsibilities. They also are at different stages, mentally and emotionally. It is essential to take the differences into account during recovery. A program needs to be able to understand the age group it is working with to help provide them with the tools they will need once they leave rehab.

The same is also true for different genders. While the mental age and responsibilities might be equal, where gender is concerned, men and women misuse substances for various reasons. They also come with a different set of challenges when they return to life outside the rehab center. Different recovery programs need to be in place based on these differences.

While women suffer more from depression, men are more likely to need anger management tools. A woman is more likely to return home and face the challenges of single parenthood than a man is. Stress comes from different points for each gender, and society has different expectations for each. As a result, they also have different internal expectations. Success depends on meeting these differences. A men’s substance use treatment program can give you the help you need to successfully stay sober in the long run.

Substance Used

Substances cause a different set of addiction issues. While one may be a predominantly physical addiction, another may affect a person more psychologically. Different parts of the recovery journey will be more difficult for the individual. Personalities come into play here, helping to determine how well an individual deals with each of the challenges. The substance used will also determine how much physical or emotional damage has been done. Different recovery programs help address these inconsistencies.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis makes the recovery journey more difficult. With a dual diagnosis, the therapist must treat both the addiction and the underlying mental health disorder at the same time. Treating only one leaves a person vulnerable to returning to a place they are trying so hard to leave. To add to this difficulty, different mental health disorders respond to different types of treatment. An individual with PTSD will need a different approach than one dealing with a personality disorder or a mood disorder. Sometimes several different types of therapy need to be considered to address all the client’s needs. Dual diagnosis treatment can help you overcome your mental disorder and addiction.

One Place, Many Different Recovery Programs

Red Oak Recovery® offers many different recovery programs so it can help a more significant number of individuals who are seeking help. We believe that it is necessary to design your recovery journey to fit your unique needs to give you the best possible chance of staying on the recovery road once you leave. Contact Red Oak Recovery® to talk to a member of our staff [Direct.] Then, you can see what programs we have to offer. We believe you will find one that fits your individual needs.