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Can I Find 12-Step Programs in Drug Rehab in Fort Worth, Texas?

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Can I Find 12-Step Programs in Drug Rehab in Fort Worth, Texas?

12-step programs are one of the most popular and effective tools for addiction recovery. Today, people from all walks of life struggle with addiction. 12-step programs provide consistent, flexible, and compassionate support for all stages of addiction recovery. The best feature of 12-step programs is they’re widely available in communities from Fort Worth, Texas to picturesque North Carolina.

If you’re looking for 12-step programs and addiction recovery support for young men, consider North Carolina’s Red Oak Recovery®. Our addiction treatment programs can help. Reach our staff today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about 12-step addiction recovery in North Carolina.

What Is a 12-Step Program?

12-step programs are structured support groups for addiction recovery. As the name implies, they help meeting attendees focus on recovery using the 12 steps popularized by organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs provide mutual aid for people in various stages of recovery through group meetings. Today, there are many targeted 12 step programs for addiction, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous, as well as the original and most common program, Alcoholics Anonymous.

12-step programs were originally based on spiritual principles. However, the process and focus on an overarching perspective have helped many non-religious people through addiction recovery.

What Are the 12-Steps to Addiction Recovery?

When a person enters a 12-step addiction recovery program, they follow these steps:

  1. Admitting their life has become unmanageable: In this step, someone recognizes they have an addiction they cannot control.
  2. Believing in a power greater than oneself to help: In this step, someone realizes forces outside of themselves can provide support.
  3. Surrendering to a higher power: Whether you believe in God or not, it surrendering to a power greater than yourself is an integral part of the recovery.
  4. Taking moral inventory: This step requires you to take an honest inventory of where you have failed yourself and others.
  5. Admitting wrongs: This step asks you to admit to yourself and others where you were wrong.
  6. Ready to release defects of character: You prepare yourself to get rid of your character defects.
  7. Humbly ask to release personal shortcomings: During this step, you ask the higher power to remove the defects of your character.
  8. Making a list of people harmed by one’s addiction: During this step, you must make a list of the people you harmed during your addiction.
  9. Making amends whenever possible: This step requires you to take steps to make things right with those you hurt while you were using substances.
  10. Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting wrongdoing: After you have made amends, it’s important to continue to recognize where you have failed and make it up to those you hurt.
  11. Prayer or meditation to follow one’s personal path: Ask the higher power to help you recognize its will and move forward in that will.
  12. Spiritual awakening: As you continue through recovery, you carry forward the principles of 12-step recovery.

Following these steps or some variation of these steps can be highly effective for long-term recovery.

12-Step Programs Outside of Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is a charming remnant of the Old West just outside of Dallas’ metropolis. The calm atmosphere of Fort Worth makes the city a perfect hub for addiction recovery. However, the city surrounding this location may make it more difficult to stay sober. Instead, consider finding an addiction treatment program in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville offers a picturesque setting for long-term recovery and gives you the tools you need to recover. We also offer a range of wilderness therapy programs, which can be highly effective for men struggling with addiction.

Find the Support System You Need at Red Oak Recovery®

If your son or a young man in your life is struggling with addiction, call Red Oak today. Our North Carolina-based recovery programs include 12-step programs for comprehensive support. Focusing on wilderness therapy, we pair traditional and alternative therapies for a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Alongside drug and alcohol addiction, we treat co-occurring disorders, process addiction, and disordered eating. Call us at 866.457.7590 to speak with a member of our staff and learn more about what Red Oak can do for you.