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Binge Eating Help for Men in North Carolina

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Binge Eating Help for Men in North Carolina

Many people find it hard to believe that young men suffer from eating disorders and disordered eating like yo-yo dieting and binge eating. While it may seem less detrimental than other disordered eating habits, binge eating affects young men from all walks of life. Daily stress, societal expectations, and fear of failure lead many young men to develop unhealthy food relationships. However, there are programs across the country and right here in North Carolina providing binge eating help for men.

If your son is binging or has other disordered eating habits, Red Oak Recovery® is here for you both. Our holistic therapy programs help young adult men uncover the root causes of disordered eating. Reach our staff today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about binge eating help in North Carolina.

Is Binge Eating an Eating Disorder?

Technically, binge eating is a type of disordered eating. The American Psychological Association considers anorexia nervosa and bulimia to be eating disorders. Both eating disorders, however, can develop from binge eating. When a person binges, they often ritualize their food, eating a large quantity of food at once. They may feel unable to stop eating. Usually, this behavior comes with guilt and shame. Many hide food and binge in secret. Some binge and then purge through laxatives or vomiting. This can lead to bulimia.

Disordered eating encompasses many unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders. Binging and other disordered eating habits stem from distorted body image issues and are often a symptom of psychological distress. For some, binging can be a way to control life or allow themselves to be out of control. In most cases, binge eating usually involves excessive empty calories.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge eating may seem less hazardous than other disordered eating habits. However, it can cause malnutrition, self-harm, diabetes, drug use, or process addictions. The self-soothing or self-medicating of binge eating is often a way to avoid difficult feelings and emotions or handle long-term stress.

Binge eating disorder treatment helps young men understand the cause and triggers of their eating habits. Traditional and alternative therapies can help young men uncover unresolved trauma, realistically handle societal expectations, and build a healthy relationship with food and nutrition. Most treatment programs use behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy alongside alternative modalities to help young men rebuild their relationship with food.

Many programs have dual diagnosis treatments. These programs take a holistic approach to health by assessing a client’s behavior and mental health to diagnose underlying mood disorders. For many young men living with disordered eating habits, an underlying mood disorder like depression, anxiety, or ADHD contributes to their binging.

Get Help in North Carolina at Red Oak Recovery®

If your son is struggling with binge eating or other disordered eating, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Our North Carolina clinic helps men ages 18-30 recover from addiction and disordered eating. We pair traditional behavioral therapy with wilderness therapy for holistic healing. Our clients enjoy reconnecting with their bodies through nature. With hikes, solo camping, climbing, rafting, and a range of other outdoor activities, our wilderness therapists help clients shift their relationships with food. Wilderness therapy gives clients a new perspective of their place in the world and reduces stress in serene Asheville, North Carolina.

Red Oak Recovery® treats dual diagnosis for effective addiction and disordered eating recovery. Studies show that half of the young men living with addiction also live with co-occurring disorders. Our therapists help clients understand their minds and bodies by uncovering mood disorders and mental health disorders. Our programs also include:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Ecotherapy

We understand the pressure today’s young men face individually and collectively. However, at our treatment program, young men build long-term support systems with other clients at Red Oak Recovery®. If you’re ready to learn how binge eating disorder treatment can help your son, call Red Oak Recovery® today a 866.457.7590 to learn how we can help.