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The Dangers of Binge Drinking on College Campuses

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The Dangers of Binge Drinking on College Campuses

Binge drinking is a problem all over the United States. Every day, people drink more than health care providers recommend. With that said, binge drinking on college campuses is an even bigger problem. However, why is it a big problem, and how can college students get help?

Is Binge Drinking on College Campuses That Much of a Problem?

young man participating in binge drinking on college campusesCollege students like to drink from time to time, but is binge drinking an issue? According to government data, it is. In fact, over 1,800 students die from alcohol-related causes every year.

That bad news doesn’t stop there. Over 600,000 college students suffer injuries while they’re drunk. A further 100,000 become the victims of sexual assault. Furthermore, drinking tends to affect their academic performance. These problems are the result of binge drinking during college.

Why Do College Students Binge Drink?

If binge drinking on college campuses causes so many problems, why do students do it? There are many reasons why they engage in this unhealthy and potentially dangerous behavior. One of them is to fit in with other students who do.

Another reason is to forget the stress and worry that comes with college. Many students have to manage school and work, which puts a lot of stress on them. In the end, it’s more than they can handle. The alcohol that they drink provides temporary relief.

Eventually, these students rely on the alcohol to feel normal, which leads to addiction. It’s important for them to remember that the alcohol won’t solve their problems. Instead, they have to deal with the heart of the matter to achieve lasting relief.

Binge Drinking Leads to More Problems

Another thing to consider is that binge drinking on college campuses leads to more problems later in life. In fact, students who binge drink are more likely to develop a substance use disorder. Once they do, the best shot that they have to overcome it is to seek professional help.

Substance use disorder can also lead to other mental health conditions. Depression and anxiety, for instance, accompany addiction or substance use in a lot of cases. Keep in mind that substance use disorder doesn’t just refer to alcohol abuse. It can also refer to the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall.

Let Red Oak Recovery® Help You Put an End to Binge Drinking

Do you need addiction treatment programs for an alcohol use disorder? If so, consider getting help at Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, North Carolina. We offer several unique 12 step addiction recovery programs. In fact, we design each program to address your individual needs.

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Don’t let binge drinking on college campuses ruin your plans for the future. Count on Red Oak Recovery® to provide the support that you need to get better. Reach out to our friendly staff at 866-457-7590.