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Best Recovery Centers for Men Near Asheville, NC

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Best Recovery Centers for Men Near Asheville, NC

After recognizing that you or a loved one needs professional addiction treatment, the search begins for a recovery center that you can fully entrust with your care. Do you currently reside in Asheville, NC, or are you looking to create some healthy distance between yourself and your potential addiction triggers? If so, Red Oak Recovery® prides itself on being one of the best men’s recovery center options in Asheville, NC. There is so much waiting for you on the other side of addiction, and we are fully prepared to take this journey with you. Call us at 866.457.7590 or visit us today to see everything we offer to make your full recovery as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Why Choose a Men’s Recovery Center?

You may be wondering what the benefits are of a men’s-based recovery treatment approach. Men today are facing unique struggles. There is an expectation within our culture for you to be strong, financially successful, and avoid vulnerability at all times. Furthermore, a lot of it is culturally ingrained, but some of it, you may realize, after therapy, is self-imposed.

At Red Oak Recovery®, you can find a new kind of strength in yourself and among your peers that you’ll carry with you along your life path. During your recovery journey, you will participate in meaningful and productive therapy and outdoor activities with peers. An ideal environment for recovery is one where people can express their worries, fears, and frustration freely, without the fear of judgment. That is what we aim to provide at Red Oak Recovery®.

Benefits of a Men’s Treatment Program

Some of the key benefits of a gender-focused recovery center for men are:

  • Men’s counseling with a critical focus on the specific issues faced by males today, including stereotypes and expectations, social pressures, and the trauma and emotional distress surrounding combat or divorce/custody issues
  • Mental health care and addiction treatment that is sensitive to the male experience as a whole, psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically
  • Participation in physically engaging activities in the great outdoors, reconnecting with your body and vitality and renewing your spirit, which you may feel you’ve lost through the course of your addiction
  • A collaborative environment that fosters authentic male friendships based on positive life principles that serve to build you up; not hollow relationships centered exclusively around drugs, alcohol, or the activities that dragged you down in the past
  • The freedom to express yourself without fear of judgment with a group of men facing similar struggles and gain a sense of perspective

For more information about these benefits, we encourage you to reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today.

The Benefits of Young Adult Rehab

At a young adult rehab for men, there is an awareness of how unique your situation is. We also understand how it relates to your recovery. We know that every individual is unique and is explicitly affected by some circumstances and pressures more than others. Some ways in which we address treating young adults, including:

  • We develop specifically tailored plans that address your unique needs in recovery.
  • We’ll choose options in the therapies and activities that speak to you the most. You’ll also have access to newer holistic and experiential therapy options that we can tweak to serve you.
  • We’ve tailored an environment filled with same-aged peers that relate to the specific, cultural, social, and economic differences. However, we also encourage different perspectives and the freedom to express them
  • Our program fosters authentic friendships will lower your sense of anonymity or apathy and increase accountability. This will lead to positive action in your treatment program.
  • We’ve developed an environment where men strive to lift other men and encourage them.

There is a wide range of additional benefits to seeking rehab for young adults. To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Red Oak Recovery® today.

Find Healing at Red Oak Recovery® Center in Asheville, NC

When a person is caught in the storm of active addiction, the values of structure, patience, and compassion are essential. Red Oak Recovery® uses tried and true evidence-based addiction therapy techniques. However, we also incorporate modern holistic and experiential therapy for young adults. We believe the best treatment approach is a whole-person approach to heal you inside and out. If you’re looking for the best recovery centers in Asheville, NC, please get in touch with us at 866.457.7590 for information about the treatment options available to you at Red Oak Recovery® Center.