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3 Signs You Need Addiction Help

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3 Signs You Need Addiction Help

A man seriously considers addiction helpOverall, it’s much easier to recognize signs of alcohol or drug addiction in other people. However, when it comes to yourself, you likely have trouble being objective. Thus, admitting you have a problem is extremely difficult. If you notice the following signs, you need to seek addiction help immediately.

Experiencing Tolerance and Withdrawal

Tolerance is needing more drugs to feel the euphoric same effects. If you identify signs of increased tolerance, you need addiction treatment. Discovering that your normal dose doesn’t work anymore could motivate you to excessively increase use. Doing so could be fatal.

Not to mention, when you stop using, you’ll go through withdrawal. This detoxification process causes trouble sleeping, shaking, sweating, and nausea. If you experience these effects after missing a dose or trying to stop using, you likely have an addiction. Consequently, you might take more drugs to make the symptoms stop. These become worse the longer you don’t use. At this point, you need medical care to reach sobriety.

Hiding Drug Use

If you actively use substances, your loved ones have probably already voiced their concerns. However, you may brush them off, deny there’s a problem, and use drugs in secret. If you feel like you need to hide your drug abuse, you likely have an addiction problem.

Additionally, you might use your successful career as proof that you don’t have a problem. However, this only proves you have a high-functioning addiction. Underneath it all, you live two lives. You might do everything right in one life, while drugs reign in the other.

Eventually, your addiction will creep into your successful home and work life. For example, this could come in the form of an accidental overdose or a DUI. Rather than wait for a devastating event, instead, reach out to the necessary help.

Neglecting Family, Friends, and Work

If you don’t have successful work and home lives, you may be actively neglecting them. For example, you might pull away from your loved ones without realizing it. Instead of spending time with them, obtaining your next dose monopolizes your time. Thus, your family and friends may believe you no longer care about them.

When actively using, you might stop putting effort into your career. To make matters worse, you might frequently attend work while under the influence. Or, maybe you’ve shown up late or didn’t go to work at all. Consequently, losing your job is inevitable.

This behavior is very common among people with drug addiction, so you aren’t alone. You do, however, require the necessary counseling in order to rebuild your life.

Get Addiction Help Now

If you’re ready to start the recovery process, Red Oak Recovery® can put you on the right path. Our addiction and mental health treatment center offers addiction treatment for men ages 18-30. In addition, our programs use a clinical, trauma-informed methodology for treating drug and mental disorders, including:

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