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5 Ways Nature in North Carolina Can Aid in Addiction Recovery

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5 Ways Nature in North Carolina Can Aid in Addiction Recovery

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People living with addiction often feel disconnected from the world. They might even fail to notice the potential beauty around them because of their need for drugs or alcohol. Once you enter a state of recovery, you may find yourself more aware of your surroundings. Many find that nature can play a significant role in continuing to stay healthy and in a positive frame of mind. In fact, starting addiction recovery in nature-focused settings can be beneficial.

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5 Ways Nature and Recovery from Addiction Intertwine

There are a number of reasons why addiction recovery in nature is so beneficial. Nature can do the following things for people who are dealing with mental health and addiction:

  1. It can provide a sense of peace and calm: This can be a welcome respite from the chaos and stress of everyday life. Getting away from the pressures of a fast-paced life is a good starting point for many people.
  2. Provides a sense of perspective: Nature can remind you of the larger world beyond your immediate problems and help you to put things into perspective.
  3. Instills a sense of connection: In the digital age, you likely deal with feelings of disconnection from the natural world. You might forget how interconnected you are with all of life. Spending time in nature can help you to feel more connected to the world around you.
  4. Gives you new ideas: When you are feeling lost or stuck, spending time in nature can help you find new ideas and new ways of looking at things.
  5. Let’s you have fun: Finally, nature can simply be a place to have fun. Recovery is hard work, and it can be easy to forget how to truly enjoy life. Spending time in nature can help you remember the simple joys of life and to have fun again.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, consider starting addiction recovery in nature. Red Oak offers programs that immerse clients in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

More About How Nature Can Help with Addiction Recovery

The recovery journey will take the rest of your life, but you don’t need to go it alone. Finding support and connection with nature can be an integral part of your ongoing recovery.

Nature Brings a Feeling of Renewal

In many ways, going through rehab and breaking free of addiction can feel like being reborn. Getting into the beauty of nature can reinforce those feelings. While it’s great if you have the means to drive out into the mountains, you typically don’t have to travel far to get that experience.

Just sitting on the park bench at your local park can help you feel more refreshed. Watching the sun come up can remind you that you are likely alive today because you chose to deal with your substance use disorder and enter addiction recovery.

Nature Helps in Spiritual Healing

Many individuals are spiritually and emotionally drained when they begin the process of addiction recovery. Treatments received in rehab help you make better choices and find answers to various questions you may have about life.

Spending time in nature allows you to reflect on those lessons. Sitting out in the sun and breathing in fresh air lets you clear your mind and connect with your soul. Taking a few moments to meditate in nature helps you push out the negative to make room for more of the good things in life.

Nature Can Assist in Physical Recovery

While any kind of exercise is good, nothing beats being outside and feeling the fresh air on your skin. Nature offers just as many ways to get in shape and stay healthy as any gym. For example, you can go running around your neighborhood or biking along a mountain trail. A swim in the ocean can be even more refreshing than doing laps at the local pool.

It does not matter what kind of physical recovery you choose. Being out in nature gives you the chance to build on your awareness and connection to the world around you while improving your physical health.

Nature Can Restore Your Self-Confidence

Being closed in can sometimes make you feel claustrophobic, making you feel small and weak. That can exacerbate feelings of depression and anxiety you might experience from time to time during your recovery. Getting outside in the fresh air can lift your spirits. That sense of freedom makes anything seem possible, which can put you in a better frame of mind to face any conflicts that may arise.

Start Addiction Recovery in Nature in North Carolina by Calling Red Oak

If you’re struggling with addiction, spending time outside can be a helpful part of your recovery. It can provide a sense of peace, perspective, connection, and inspiration. It can also be a place to have some fun.

Starting addiction recovery in nature at Red Oak Recovery® can offer a unique and effective approach to addiction treatment. Our adventure therapy program in Asheville, North Carolina, combines evidence-based treatments with immersive outdoor experiences to help you heal and thrive in your recovery journey. Call 828.382.9699 or complete our online form to get started in our young men’s rehab center now.