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3 Tips on Enjoying a Sober Thanksgiving

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3 Tips on Enjoying a Sober Thanksgiving

Once you’ve put in the work of completing rehabilitation therapy to overcome your addiction, you don’t want to put your sobriety in jeopardy. Navigating a holiday like Thanksgiving without your substance of choice can be a tricky proposition. That’s why you need to make a plan and stick to it as the holidays approach. To gain helpful tips on enjoying a sober Thanksgiving while staying focused on your well-being, contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590.

Have Your Support System on Standby

The most important thing you can do for yourself leading up to Thanksgiving is to have a support system to turn to during the holidays. Scheduling therapy sessions in the lead-up to the holiday gives you a chance to talk through any concerns you may have about attending gatherings. You can also participate in meetings more frequently in the lead-up to Thanksgiving.

Talking things through in therapy or a meeting gives you the chance to address any depression or other feelings you may be experiencing. The idea of not relying on drugs or alcohol as a crutch to get through social situations can be daunting. Attending therapy can reinforce the tools and techniques learned in rehab.

You should also have the numbers and locations of a local meeting available. If you end up in a stressful situation, contact them immediately if you believe your state of mind can lead to a relapse. Reaching out right away can prevent you from doing something you will regret.

Practice Getting Through Different Scenarios

Getting through a sober Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family can be awkward, particularly if they have dealt with the effects of your substance use in the past. It can help to have rehearsed answers ready for questions they may have. Sticking to your script can keep you focused. Include exit phases you can use if things get too intrusive or offensive.

Avoid getting dragged into fights about past issues. You want to maintain a positive mindset throughout the gathering. That means not giving in to the temptation to bring up your hurts and disappointments. Getting defensive about innocent questions can darken the mood and derail the entire experience.

If you think you may have trouble keeping yourself in check, think about bringing a companion along who can play mediator. They can pull you away when they sense things are getting out of control.

Avoid Triggers That Could Cause a Relapse

Do your best to learn about who will be attending a Thanksgiving gathering ahead of time. If you know there will be someone present with whom you might have a conflict, you may want to rethink the invitation. The stress caused by their presence may act as a trigger for your addiction issues.

You should do your best to avoid people who aren’t supporting your sobriety. Don’t be afraid to leave if you’re continually facing temptation from alcohol or other substances put in your presence. Put your health and sobriety above the need to stay longer out of politeness. If you find yourself in a dangerous mindset after leaving a Thanksgiving gathering, call someone who can talk you down and get you in a better frame of mind.

You Can Enjoy a Sober Thanksgiving

You may be at a point in your life where it’s hard to imagine going into the holidays sober. There’s no reason you can’t start working toward a better future today. Red Oak Recovery® can provide you with the support needed to overcome your addiction issues. Our clinically-based programs focus on helping clients achieve lasting recovery. Our treatment options include:

If you like the idea of having a sober Thanksgiving, contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590. Surprise yourself by learning how strong you truly are.