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Nutritional Therapy

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Our Nutritional Therapy Philosophy

/At Red Oak Recovery®, our goal is to provide delicious and nutrient-dense meals for our clients within an addiction therapy setting that encourages a healthy relationship with food to grow and thrive. Growing the food we eat right here on our campus aids in providing effective nutritional therapy. Clients and staff participate in cultivating our food from seed-to-plate. The food we prepare is designed to heal the body from the malnutrition and dehydration that substance use and neglect can cause. The work we do together in the gardens and orchards supports and facilitates this healing not only by teaching essential life skills, but also by encouraging dialogue about the food we eat and its impact on our bodies. We strive to create and model a lasting relationship with food that is based on the principles of health, balance, and authenticity.

/Nutritional Therapy

The Red Oak Recovery® nutritional therapy program, as part of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, approaches food and eating holistically. We value the importance that good health and eating habits have on a lasting and fulfilling recovery. Because food is for enjoyment and nourishing our health, eating meals can and should be a positive experience. Toward that end, our intention is to educate and encourage our clients to make inspired choices in the food they eat. This is just another level that we can help set them up for success when they leave our care. Throughout our young adult rehab programs, our clients are a part of a life skills interactive educational experience. Because we raise our own food, there are always plenty of interesting projects going on! The work we do together brings things back to basics: the starting of seeds, fertilizing and feeding plants, harvesting of vegetables, and finally preparing food to eat and enjoy. This work is empowering for the individual and the community. It also provides a great platform for discussing how we can best take care of ourselves, putting the lessons of our garden care to use in our own lives. This work is rich in metaphor, offering many lessons and teachable moments while helping our clients recover from drug and alcohol use, trauma, and mental health issues. To learn more about our addiction therapy services, call Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.