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Meditation Therapy

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individual participating in meditation therapyYour addiction is complex. But millions of people have sought help from rehab centers before you. So you benefit from their struggles and successes, as they forged a clear path to what works in recovery. One thing that has proven successful for many people is meditation therapy. Meditation therapy adds holistic wellness to your treatment plan. It works very well with talk therapy, support groups, and other types of proven treatment. This complementary practice gives you support and strength anytime, anywhere you choose to engage in your own meditation.

What is Meditation Therapy?

Meditation uses ancient Eastern practices that enhance enlightenment and spiritual connection. In meditation therapy, you learn to quiet your mind despite our busy lifestyles of today. You achieve this by focusing on a specific thought or idea while sitting in a quiet place. You can practice meditation alone or in a group. Meditation therapy is much loved by people in recovery because it is portable, does not require any equipment or special attire, and provides instant relaxation results. You can also practice meditation for any period of time, whether just for minutes or multiple hours, at any time of day. As you learn from your therapist in meditation therapy at rehab, forming a pattern of meditation works best. This means you choose a set time each day to focus on yourself and your own needs, using these methods. Soon, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, meditation becomes a vital part of your daily routine. For your meditation in rehab, you do not need to connect yourself with any religion. Meditation is spiritual, in that it heals, inspires, and protects your spirit. But the practice does not base itself in religion.

Successful Recovery Using Meditation Therapy

Meditation is an experiential therapy in rehab that teaches you the basics of how to meditate. You gain familiarity to the point you feel comfortable practicing meditation on your own or joining a group after treatment. In fact, meditation gives you another means of bonding with healthy, sober people in your community. Many rehab programs use meditation practices in therapy. It doesn’t replace other therapies but adds depth to your treatment plan. While you feel awkward and possibly unable to relax in meditation at first, as your therapy progresses you find yourself looking forward to this part of your day. Research proves meditation provides effective help for people in recovery from addiction. One study reported that IV drug users overwhelmingly found meditation to be one of the best tools in their recovery. People who meditate suffer fewer relapses and more benefits than those not engaging in this focused practice. Even better, meditation works very well as part of an overall fitness program. Meditation helps you maintain better health and works well with a nutritious diet and exercise plan. One form of fitness closely tied to meditation is yoga. In rehab, you gain the opportunity to learn both of these methods.

Meditation Therapy for Addiction Recovery in NC

In Leicester, NC, Red Oak Recovery® provides quality gender-specific addiction therapy services and treatment programs for men and women. Women attend rehab at The Willows, a Red Oak Recovery® facility located about an hour away in Ashville. Men’s addiction treatment programs at Red Oak Recovery® include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Hybrid program with an outdoor wilderness focus
  • Eco-therapies and trauma-informed treatment
  • Psychiatric and clinical evaluations
  • Nutritional and physical evaluations
  • Meditation and other holistic practices

Meditation therapy possibly holds keys to your better future without addiction. Contact Red Oak Recovery® now to learn more about treatment for men and women just like you. You can build a better life, on a foundation of well-rounded rehab treatment. You only need to call Red Oak Recovery® now at 866.457.7590 to start forming this foundation today.