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Addiction Therapy Services

When someone decides to find the right addiction therapy programs, they will discover a range of different treatment options. From a range of rehab programs to aftercare plans, rehabs offer unique therapies that treat the person holistically for their addiction. Through the right program, clients can safely and effectively begin the recovery process and live a life of sobriety.

What Kinds of Addiction Therapy Programs Are Available?

With the addiction therapy programs North Carolina has available, clients can find a range of options. At Red Oak Recovery, our clients get intensive treatment while staff members monitor them each day for their safety.

Red Oak Recovery’s treatment programs aim at preparing young adults for life after treatment. We help young adults ages 18 to 30 change their lifestyle and prepare them with the skills they need for successful sobriety following the program. For example, nutritional therapy helps patients establish healthy eating habits. Through the family therapy North Carolina treatment centers offer, clients also build stronger family relationships.

Oftentimes, especially for young adults, substance use co-occurs with emotional, social and other mental health issues. Common co-occuring issues young adults face include anxiety, disordered eating, depression, anger and trauma. To effectively treat a substance use disorder that is co-occurring with mental health issues, a dual diagnosis treatment center in North Carolina is critical. 

Our dual diagnosis treatment center uses a variety of therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma therapy, to help an individual overcome both substance use and their mental health issues.

How Does Trauma Therapy Work?

With the addiction therapy services North Carolina rehabs provide, clients can get help with a history of childhood use or trauma. Many people who have an addiction also have a history of trauma. Often, people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate for the painful experiences in their past.

During the trauma therapy North Carolina counselors offer, clients get support as they work through their trauma. Addiction therapy programs may use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy or other kinds of talk therapy to help clients. By reframing how they think of traumatic experiences, clients can change their feelings about a traumatic memory and their present experiences in life.

Why Is Family Therapy Important?

One type of psychotherapy North Carolina programs offer involves family therapy. When someone has an addiction, it tends to affect everyone around them. Family members often enable the individual who suffers from substance use. Because of this, it is essential to educate, support and treat the entire family during the recovery process.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Once someone finishes the initial rehab program at Red Oak Recovery, their treatment is only beginning. An addiction is a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma. Because of this, individuals have to manage their addiction throughout their lifetime.

At the best addiction therapy programs North Carolina has, clients will find a variety of options available. Sometimes, clients only need a few weeks of treatment. In other cases, the individual will need to stay at the center for several months.

After the original addiction therapy programs end, clients still need to attend group meetings, create a relapse prevention plan and participate in aftercare programs.

What Kinds of Therapies Are Available?

Through the addiction therapy services North Carolina rehabs offer, clients can find a variety of treatment options, like adventure therapy, psychotherapy, and group therapy. During the intake process, an addiction specialist will figure out the physical, mental, and emotional treatments the client needs. Afterward, the client can get help through services such as:

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Trauma-informed care

Dual diagnosis treatment

Gardening and wilderness therapy


You do not have to let substance use take over your entire life. Through the right addiction therapy programs at Red Oak Recovery, you can take charge of your life again. Learn more about our programs by calling us at 828.382.9699 now.

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