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Why Quiet Time Counts

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Why Quiet Time Counts

/Once you’ve completed detox and the early stages of recovery, you may find yourself trying to fill your schedule with an activity, volunteer opportunity, or social engagement. After all, the saying goes: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Right?While it’s true that keeping busy can serve as a healthy distraction from your addictive ways — and it can help you discover new hobbies and friends — you also need to carve out some quiet, reflective time as part of your sustained recovery.Quite time not only enhances your mental focus but it also let’s you better process and integrate things you’ve learned, heard, or done. Even taking just five minutes to tune out from the hustle and bustle of life and tune into your inner dialogue will make a difference. You’ll give your brain the breathing room it needs think, relax, brainstorm, and reflect on how far you’ve come and where you want to go next.

3 Ways to Carve Out Quiet Time

These activities will help you create stillness among the madness and busyness of daily life.

Take a more mindful walk. This is different than power walking to get your heart rate up. Walking mindfully means taking time to experience the beauty of nature — note the flowers, trees, sounds of birds, etc. The goal is to encourage a more reflective state where your problems take a back seat and out-of-the-blue thoughts come to the forefront.

Make time for journaling. Writing about your feelings and inner thoughts (uncensored and without judgment) can help release feelings that may have gotten buried during the bustle of daily life.

Practice meditation. Meditating helps quiet your mind from its constant chatter, creating a calmer state-of-mind. The result: Less stress and more space for reflection.

Holistic Healing at Red Oak

The expansive, open spaces of The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® offer opportunities for our clients to spend the solitary time they need for processing, meditation, and stillness in connection with nature. To learn more, call 866.457.7590.