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Talking To A Young Adult About Alcohol

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Talking To A Young Adult About Alcohol

Talking to a young adult about alcohol and its dangers is an important task to undertake. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that an estimated 139.8 million people use alcohol each month. That’s the equivalent of almost 50% of the country’s population. Taking the time to discuss this topic helps your loved one make proper choices when it comes to peer pressure to drink alcohol.

Effectively Talking To A Young Adult About Alcohol

Selecting the right time for talking to a young adult about alcohol makes a difference in the response they may give. If you wait too long, there is a chance of them already being involved in alcohol use. It’s important to not be judgemental or accusatory when you’re talking to your loved one. Additionally, when you’re talking to a young adult about alcohol, make sure to:

  • Answer any questions they have honestly
  • Refrain from scolding or reprimanding if they have tried alcohol already
  • Offer suggestions on how to tell a peer they are not interested in alcohol use
  • Give positive alternatives to alcohol use for them to try
  • Inquire about their friends’ alcohol use
  • Suggest hobbies and a change of friends if necessary

Knowing The Signs Of An Alcohol Problem

If talking to a young adult about alcohol leads you to believe they already drink, you need to look for signs of alcohol abuse. This is important, even if your loved one insists they do not drink alcohol. If you do recognize blatant signals, contact someone to get them help quickly to stop the problem from escalating. Some signs of potential alcohol abuse include:

  • Withdrawing from prior friends and hobbies to spend time with new friends or alone
  • A significant drop in productivity or failure to go to work
  • Sneaking around, showing up late or not at all, or harboring themselves in their room
  • Short conversations with family members rather than engaging in longer ones
  • Asking for or stealing money from family or friends
  • Getting sick more often than they had in the past

What To Do If A Young Adult Needs Help

If talking to a young adult about alcohol use leads you to believe they are indeed struggling with possible addiction, getting treatment right away is necessary. Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, NC is a facility that provides treatment for young male adults struggling with alcohol abuse, drug dependency, and other addictive behaviors.

Our facilities use a mix of psychiatric, clinical, physical, and nutritional evaluation to provide those struggling with addiction a baseline for recovery. We have a True Hybrid Program, which combines adventure in the wilderness with traditional clinical programs. Some of our services include:

If you discover that a loved one needs help after talking to a young adult about alcohol, contact Red Oaks Recovery for assistance. Reach out to us by calling 866.457.7590 to find out more about options available for your loved one for proper treatment.