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Red Oak Recovery® Expands Expressive Arts Therapy Program

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Red Oak Recovery® Expands Expressive Arts Therapy Program

/Red Oak Recovery® has expanded their expressive arts therapy program as an additional means to reach their clients through experiential education.  Expressive arts allow for multiples avenues of creative expression, imagination, active participation, and mind-body connection where clients can take a closer look at their feelings, emotions, and thought processes.

Red Oak Recovery® includes varies activities in their expressive arts therapy program, such as music, writing, drawing, dance, psychodrama, horticulture, poetry, painting, and dramatic arts.  By including other ways to explore responses and reactions via artistic processes, clients often find opportunity for deeper exploration for growth, development, and healing.  It can also help bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious mind by placing the primary focus on the process and letting yourself get lost in the creative flow.

Sarah Kim Wilde, one of the expressive arts facilitators at Red Oak Recovery®, explains, “Expressive arts encourages honest self-expression and allows for the exploration of difficult emotions that may be challenging to access, disclose and process through traditional talk therapy. It can also provide a healthy path toward positive emotional growth, allowing ample space for both profound insight and reflections of gratitude.”  Sarah Kim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater with a minor in Directing from The Boston Conservatory.  She is a skilled performer and singer with both regional and national experience.

To learn more about Red Oak Recovery®, please visit our website or reach out to Mark Oerther, Director of Business Development, at 866.831.9107.