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Will a Men’s Drug Rehab in Mill Neck, NY Treat Your Needs?

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Will a Men’s Drug Rehab in Mill Neck, NY Treat Your Needs?

When it comes to getting treatment for a drug addiction, you may have many questions. Where should I go? What type of treatment should I get? Do I have to go to therapy with both men and women? If you choose a men’s drug rehab in Mill Neck, NY, you may have limited options. However, when you come to Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, NC, you know that you have a variety of choices. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today to learn more about your opportunities at our men’s drug rehab program. 

What Are the Benefits of a Men’s Drug Rehab

Men and women face different obstacles when it comes to substance use, mental health, and trauma. For example, men tend not to seek treatment because they’re afraid of the social stigma they may face by admitting that they need help. American society has brainwashed us into believing that men have to be strong and unshakeable at all times. That’s a hard standard to live up to, by any definition. However, when you come to Red Oak Recovery®, you know you’re in a safe place. You can share your struggles and fears in a group setting, surrounded by men who are facing the same stigma. 

Additionally, you will see that when you come to a men’s drug rehab, we can focus on male issues. In other words, we don’t have to spend part of your time on the problems men will never have to deal with, such as pregnancy. Instead, we can focus on what your needs and issues are.

Also, by creating a closed group, you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences in a safe place. Some men, for instance, have suffered sexual abuse and may be unwilling to share these experiences in a mixed group. In a men’s drug rehab, you have a safe place to talk about the details of your past. 

Why Choose Our Men’s Drug Rehab?

Men and women require different treatment methods when they’re dealing with substance use. We recognize this fact, and we’ve built a variety of treatment options into our programs. Our goal for any young man who comes to Red Oak Recovery® is to help him understand what he is going through. Then, we can work on helping him through those troubles. 

A men’s drug rehab in Mill Neck, NY may not have many treatment options specifically geared to men. However, we tailor our treatment plans to your needs. We offer a variety of therapies, including:

To learn more about our therapy options, contact a member of our enrollment team today. 

Choose Red Oak Recovery®

While a men’s drug rehab in Mill Neck, NY may treat your addiction, that’s not an option at Red Oak Recovery®. We treat you as a person. We want to walk beside you through your recovery process and give you the support you need. To learn more about your treatment options or to begin the enrollment process, contact 866.457.7590 today. Our caring and experienced staff members are waiting to hear from you. Don’t let addiction take up any more time in your life.