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What Does a Substance Use Counselor Do?

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Substance use is a prevalent issue in the United States today. Estimates indicate that millions of Americans face the complications that can come about from substance use each year. Surprisingly few people that experience this problem get the help that they need. However, it’s vital for those facing the complex problem of substance use to realize that a substance use counselor can provide many benefits to fuel the recovery process. However, what does a substance use counselor do? How can an individual be sure they’re getting treatment from a quality rehab facility? The information below answers these important questions.

What Does a Substance Use Counselor Do?

substance abuse counselor at Red Oak Recovery<sup>®</sup>The main role of a substance use counselor is to provide support and guidance for those who are struggling with substance use. A qualified and experienced counselor can help these individuals discover self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. They then can help struggling individuals to modify these problem behaviors. Substance use counselors typically implement a wide variety of treatment protocols in order to provide relief for each person they treat. Behavioral therapy, individual counseling, and group therapy are common treatment protocols that drug use counselors may rely on.

Traits of a Quality Substance Use Rehab Center

Now that we know the vital role that drug use counselors play in the recovery process, how can a person know that a specific addiction treatment center is of the highest quality possible? There are many traits you can focus on to help you find the right one for your needs. Consider the following characteristics when you’re looking for a quality rehab center.

High Success Rate

Quality substance use treatment centers have a proven track record of success. Generally, those who seek treatment at these facilities experience proper relief from their condition and gain the support they need to remain sober after treatment ends.

Support With Vocational Goals

Quality treatment facilities also realize that vocational support goes a long way toward supporting ongoing sobriety. Statistics indicate that those who complete substance use treatment and have proper employment experience have greater success with maintaining sobriety. Professional treatment centers have to means to help individuals find and maintain employment that suits their interests and needs.

Attention to Dietary and Physical Fitness Components

Many high-quality rehab centers use a holistic healing approach to treatment that can be very successful. These facilities recognize that human beings and the addiction recovery process are complex. Additionally, it’s important to take care of every aspect of the person, not just their drug use. Strong dietary and fitness components can add a greater degree of success to a well-rounded treatment program.

Individual and Group Treatment Sessions

Individual and group therapy sessions also provide unique benefits to the treatment process. Many people feel more comfortable speaking about personal problems in a one-on-one setting. However, group settings allow for important relationship and trust-building skills. Quality treatment centers usually use a combined approach to maximize benefits.

Why Should You Seek Professional Treatment?

For the majority of those suffering from substance use, the road to recovery can seem extremely burdensome. Substance use is a complicated problem. Generally, each person handles it differently, requiring a treatment program that’s specific to their unique situation. However, proper treatment facilities can provide this multi-disciplinary and in-depth treatment in a setting that’s conducive to healing.

About Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is a quality substance use treatment center in Asheville, NC. This facility specializes in the treatment of young adults struggling under the weight of substance use issues. By providing a unique and personalized approach, Red Oak Recovery® has an outstanding success rate in helping these individuals recover. Don’t let addiction control your life. Contact us at 866-457-7590 today to find out how we can help you experience peace and healing.