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Why Do I Need Alcohol Use Counseling?

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Why Do I Need Alcohol Use Counseling?

Why do I need alcohol use counseling once I stop drinking? This is a question many people ask. The answer is a simple one. An individual who has used or abused alcohol has a shaky relationship with drinking. Simply stopping drinking, for now, doesn’t address what is occurring inside a person’s mind that has made alcohol so important in the past. Until that happens, there is always a chance that the appeal will override your resolve not to drink and you may return to your old habits. It’s essential to get treatment at a substance use treatment center if you struggle with an alcohol addiction. To learn more about Red Oak Recovery®, contact us today.

I Can Handle Only a Little

Why do I need alcohol use counseling if I can regulate my future drinking effectively? This is one of the biggest things a person who has stopped drinking often thinks. They believe they will now be able to regulate the amount they drink, stopping before they become drunk or get caught up in addiction again. The truth is that only one drink can reopen the thoughts and associations you had with drinking before treatment. Once sober, you will go through periods where you focus on the positive things you gained from drinking and forget about the negative aspects. This can cause you to slip into a false belief that things weren’t really as bad as you thought and you can handle the alcohol. Unfortunately, addiction has other plans.

The Law is No Longer Involved

Why do I need alcohol use counseling if I have gotten out of the trouble that sent me to rehab? This is often asked by individuals who were forced to attend a rehab program as a condition of probation or who faced a loved one giving them an ultimatum. You may have entered rehab because someone else believed you needed help, but unless you get to the point where you truly understand your addiction and why it happened, you will find yourself in the same situations many times over. The counseling will help you go from getting treatment because you are forced to get treatment because you know you can’t handle drinking and it is destroying your life.

I Have Nothing Left to Lose

Why do I need alcohol use counseling when I’ve already lost everything of importance to me? Counseling can’t bring back the things you lost while you were actively drinking but that doesn’t mean that your life is over. During your recovery, counseling can help you start to men the relationships you once destroyed with your drinking. Maybe you won’t get your spouse back, but there’s still a chance you can mend your relationship with your children. You may have lost one job or many jobs. Nevertheless, there are other opportunities out there to help you start working your way back up. You may have lost your sense of self over the years. However, counseling will help you regain that sense of self and much more. However, you can gain things you may never have had, such as self-confidence and pride in what you have accomplished.

Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® understands that seeking help for an alcohol use problem is a difficult thing to do. Your sense of accomplishment may feel dimmed if you have an alcohol addiction. Contact Red Oak Recovery® with your concerns at 866.457.7590. Speak with our compassionate, non-judgmental staff today. They can help you understand that alcohol use counseling is a good thing. You are about to begin a journey that is full of surprises. Counseling will help you meet those surprises and any challenges with renewed strength and self-confidence. You’ve worked hard to get sober, don’t you deserve this gift?