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What My Life Was, How Red Oak Recovery® Helped Me Grow, And Where I Am Today

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What My Life Was, How Red Oak Recovery® Helped Me Grow, And Where I Am Today

/Before I chose to make a change and go to Red Oak, I did not live my life; I merely existed. I spent my days waking up and not wanting to be there. I sought to have peace and contentment within myself and with my life, and it always seemed to evade me. At least that is how I perceived it. My answer to what I was feeling was to run, and drown it away with the use of drugs and suppression.

When I arrived at Red Oak, I had hit a bottom that finally put enough fear into me that I asked for help. I did not really know what to expect when I showed up in Sandy Mush, but I did know that the people that greeted me were there to help, and I did not have to face it alone. Throughout my stay at Red Oak, I was taught to be teachable and grow as an individual. I learned tools to apply to my life, in areas I thought I’d never face and areas I did not know I struggled with after years of suppression. Most importantly, they allowed me to gain my family relationships back, be the son and friend I was not capable of being, and find a sense of peace within myself.

Since I left treatment, my life has only continued to grow in sobriety. Red Oak prepared me for the next phase in my journey and helped me move forward from the darkest place I’ve ever been. I owe a lot to the people I can call family that make Red Oak the special place that it is.

Sam M., Red Oak Recovery® Alumni