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Types of Trauma

Trauma can happen to anyone. The term does not apply to just one type of experience. Instead, it applies to any situation in which a person experiences something so significant and fearful to them, that they cannot process that information properly. Many people carry trauma with them from their past. Others are dealing with it constantly. Understanding the types of trauma that you are facing is critical. At Red Oak Recovery®, we can help you work through these complications. For more information about trauma therapy through our men’s treatment center in North Carolina, contact us today at 866.457.7590.

What Are Some Common Types of Trauma?

Many people ask what types of trauma can occur to someone. They may not believe their loved one has suffered a trauma in their past. Others may not understand how they feel fine after experiencing something when someone else does not. Every person’s ability and methods for processing traumatic events is different. What you feel does not mean that’s what others will feel.

Consider a few common types of trauma. If you are suffering from these, it may be time to get immediate help.

  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Physical abuse trauma
  • A grief that is profound or brought on suddenly
  • Domestic violence trauma
  • Emotional trauma
  • Trauma from neglect or deprivation
  • Trauma from experiencing wartime actions
  • Traumatic experiences in natural disasters

Often, a person who experiences any of these types of trauma feels unable to process what happened. The brain tries to lock away that information and worry because they do not know how to manage it. That can pose a significant problem. Without dealing with the trauma, it can constantly be present in your future.

What Can Your Do About Trauma?

No matter which of these types of trauma you are experiencing, getting help is important. However, the goal of treatment is not to relive that trauma. Rather, it is about finding a way to work through it. It is about breaking the connection between people, places, things, and experiences with the traumatic event. There are many tools available to help us to do this.

The first step is always to understand the cause – not to relive it. For some people, that means opening up about past hurt. For others, it means exploring the presence of mental illness. While we provide evidence-based care and counseling to help you, we also pursue a range of tools to help you start to find enjoyment again. Some of the addiction treatment programs we offer include:

  • Experiential treatment programs
  • Adventure treatment therapy
  • Wilderness treatment therapy
  • Trauma-specific therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Family therapy programs
  • Individual counseling

Are you facing the effects of trauma? Even if you’re unsure why you’re facing the effects of trauma, our team can provide you with the guidance you need to start healing and working towards a better future.

Take the First Step – Reach Out for Help from Red Oak Recovery®

Are you a man between the ages of 18 and 30 struggling with the effects of trauma, mental illness, or addiction? If so, our compassionate treatment team can help you. With a range of evidence-based and experiential therapeutic options, which we tailor to each individual’s needs who comes to our treatment program, we work to help you overcome these challenges.

Understanding the types of trauma is a good first step. Yet, most people who experience trauma at any of these degrees need help. Having a team of trusted professionals available to help you overcome regain control is important. At Red Oak Recovery®, you can learn how to overcome your trauma to regain control. Call us at 866.457.7590 for immediate help.