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The Therapeutic Benefits of Decluttering Your Space for Spring

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Decluttering Your Space for Spring

/“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday’s junk.” – Louise Smith, Author

Spring cleaning is more than a housecleaning ritual. For young adults recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, decluttering is a beneficial part of any sobriety program. During spring cleaning, you have a chance to purge toxic patterns of behavior, simplify cluttered areas of your home, and create space for mental and emotional growth.

Whether you live in one room of a sobriety house or you have an entire apartment to yourself, clutter can quickly take over. Stacks of paperwork and piles of laundry creep into the empty areas of your home, robbing your environment of peace. Too much stuff creates chaos that can disrupt your recovery, so make a plan to declutter your physical space. Here are three quick tips that can help:

1] Begin with one small area at a time. Focus on one corner of the counter, one half of your closet, or one bookshelf: giving away items that you don’t use and tossing or shredding old documents and mail. You will be surprised at what you accomplish during a week if you declutter one small area a day.

2] Get rid of items that remind you of past substance use. There is no place for emotional attachment when it comes to items that may trigger a relapse. Be vigilant about clearing old triggers from your space.

3] Unsubscribe from email lists. Your inbox can be as overwhelming as your home, so take a few moments each day to unsubscribe from blogs or email lists that remind you of your old life, tempt you to spend money you don’t have, or have no redeeming value.

Decluttering as Addiction Therapy

Many men and women recovering from substance use find power in tidying their space and purging their home of excess. Consider spring cleaning a fresh start: one that allows you to breathe easier, work more efficiently, and make space for your new, sober life. Need help with your addiction? Call 866.831.9107 now.