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Are Memphis TN Drug Rehab Centers the Best Place for My Brother?

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Are Memphis TN Drug Rehab Centers the Best Place for My Brother?

It’s extremely hard to deal with a family member struggling with addiction, especially if they’re a close sibling. You want to get your brother the best treatment possible to get him on the road to recovery. If you’re in the Memphis area, you’re probably looking into a lot of Memphis, TN drug rehab centers. You may think those are the definite choice for your family. However, an Asheville, North Carolina men’s rehab center might actually be the best place for your brother to get the help he needs.

Why Memphis, TN Drug Rehab Centers Are an Appealing Choice

Obviously, it’s really convenient to go to a Memphis, TN drug men’s rehab if your brother lives close. He’ll still have the comforts of being near home while getting treatment. He’ll have family and friends around as a support system. However, being around those friends might not be the best choice. Someone would have to ensure that he’s only around quality friends instead of fellow addicts.

In addition, Memphis, TN drug rehab centers do have gender-specific treatment. Going to a men’s only rehab is extremely beneficial for guys. He’d be with his peers, making him more comfortable in the rehab setting, since he’s with people like him. Men also struggle with dealing and talking about emotions. It could be easier if he’s with other men and no women to get out those emotions and really talk about his issues.

The Downsides of Memphis, TN Drug Men’s Rehab

One of the biggest issues with being in his usual setting is that he’s going to be around the people that got him into drugs in the first place. He’ll be seeing them every day, passing the usual dealer spots, and being tempted every day to get back into drugs. After he goes through withdrawal and detox, he’ll be in the middle stage of recovery. This is the stage where people struggle with relapse.

In addition, Memphis, TN drug rehab centers are going to be right in a city. Cities are havens for drug access. If he really wants to get clean, he’ll want to be in a place where he can’t easily get drugs.

North Carolina provides a southern setting that he’ll be comfortable in while going away from the city and into the mountains. The setting provides the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. This provides opportunities for different activities and treatments, such as adventure therapy. This can involve whitewater rafting, hiking, rock climbing, and ropes courses.

Getting your brother out of Memphis and into the great outdoors could be the best thing for his recovery process. Send him to Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, North Carolina. You’ll have the peace of mind that he’s getting the best care imaginable, away from bad influences.

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