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Drinking and Social Media: Can Your Friends’ Posts Drive You to Drink?

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Drinking and Social Media: Can Your Friends’ Posts Drive You to Drink?

Think twice before liking and sharing those social media posts that depict a group of young friends drinking beer on the beach. This decision may impact you as well as the young people viewing your feed. Some research suggests that there is a link between drinking and social media. There’s no hard evidence that sharing alcohol-related posts on social media actually contribute to an alcohol use disorder. However, it does help promote the idea that alcohol consumption is not only normal but expected among certain age groups.

Drinking and social media go together like matches and gasoline. Accordingly, don’t be the one bringing either to the party. For alcohol addiction treatment options, contact our men’s addiction treatment program today at 866.457.7590.

How Social Media Influences Us

How many times have you scrolled through your news feed and found your spirits beginning to plummet? It seems like everyone is out having fun except for you. All your friends are on vacation or finding impressive deals at the mall, and here you are — due at work in an hour. Unintentionally, social media can be quite the downer, almost acting as depressants to lower your mood and make you feel lonely. And this is only one way social media influences us. There are many others, for instance. They include:

  • The products we buy
  • Where we shop
  • Who we vote for
  • How we react to situations
  • What we feel is right or wrong
  • Whether and how much we drink

Not enough can be said about pack mentality. Unfortunately, social media specialize in creating it. Whether for good or bad depends upon the situation and people involved. Nobody can argue, however, that they’re not influential in the lives of millions of people around the world. Drinking and social media definitely have correlations.

Drinking and Social Media

For someone in recovery from drugs or alcohol, the smallest thing can act as a trigger. For instance, it could be the flash of a six-pack in a timeline or pictures of friends frolicking around a keg on social media. This is often all it takes to start someone in recovery down the road to relapse. For this reason, it’s important to think about what you post to social media, and what you like and share. Consequently, doing so makes you a responsible human being and an even better friend. Don’t underestimate the damage that can be done by drinking and social media.

But can social media really drive you to drink? Possibly, says a study conducted by Michigan State University. Researchers found that the more people interact with social media posts about drinking, the stronger their intent to take a drink. Generally, they see it. They share it. They then want it, say the experts. So in effect, yes — the posts you see on social media can make you want to drink. As a result, if you’re already in recovery from alcohol addiction, this could spell relapse.

Help for Alcohol Use Disorder and Relapse

If you struggle with alcohol use disorder, or if you’re in recovery and fear you may enter the stages of relapse, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Located in North Carolina and surrounded by the scenic, peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains, Red Oak Recovery® offers a safe place to get away while healing begins. Our treatment options for alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy

Are you ready to end your dependence on alcohol? If so, contact us today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about the drug and alcohol treatment programs offered at Red Oak Recovery®.