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Do Alcohol Treatment Centers in Knoxville, TN Actually Work?

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Do Alcohol Treatment Centers in Knoxville, TN Actually Work?

Finding the right rehab program isn’t always easy. For those living with alcohol addiction, it can be hard to know when it’s time to seek treatment and what kind of treatment is best. No matter where you are in the United States, a 12-step addiction recovery program can support your long-term recovery with short-term steps and a sober community.

If you or a young man in your life is looking for alcohol addiction treatment in Knoxville, consider Red Oak Recovery® today. Just 2 hours southeast of Knoxville, North Carolina’s Red Oak Recovery® provides holistic 12-step recovery programs and alcohol rehab. Reach us now at 866.457.7590 to learn more about our treatment programs and the benefits of 12-step recovery for young adults.

What Is a 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program?

12-step programs are a flexible, long-term therapeutic tool for addiction recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous or AA was the first and most popular 12-step program. Based on Christian teachings, today, there are many 12-step programs to help those in recovery meet their needs. As the name suggests, 12-step programs provide members with 12 levels of recovery to move through at their own pace. Through group meetings and sponsorship with members who have completed the 12-steps, people find the support they need for alcohol rehab.

Whether you’re looking for a 12-step program that is faith-based or secular, the steps generally remain the same. By slowly moving through admission, acceptance, and seeking, members of a 12-step program begin their healing journey. The 12-steps usually include:

  1. Admitting they cannot control their addiction with willpower alone.
  2. Believing a power or forces outside themselves can help.
  3. Surrendering to a higher power and asking for help.
  4. Understanding how their behavior affects others.
  5. Admitting their faults and mistakes.
  6. Accepting their flaws and letting go of perfection.
  7. Asking others for help.
  8. Making a list of those they have wronged.
  9. Seeking forgiveness.
  10. Taking personal inventory.
  11. Seeking a life plan and purpose without addiction.
  12. Serve something greater than themselves and give back to the community.

For young men, 12-step alcohol rehab programs can help build community and understanding. Many young men are faced with cultural pressure to succeed and fit certain expectations. However, in rehab, young men begin to see how these cultural expectations, compounded stress, and fear of failure lead many to alcohol or drug use. By healing together, young men in 12-step recovery can help entire communities heal.

Why Not Choose a 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program in Knoxville?

Knoxville may offer addiction recovery and 12-step programs, but many young men need more remote, nature-based healing during addiction recovery. Instead of starting a standard treatment program in Knoxville, consider North Carolina’s Red Oak Recovery® today. Conveniently located near Asheville and only 2 hours from Knoxville, Red Oak is accessible for those in the Carolinas and Tennessee.

The team at Red Oak Recovery® helps young men ages 18-30 with holistic approaches to addiction recovery. With dual diagnosis and trauma-informed healing, Red Oak Recovery® uses evidence-based and alternative therapies for holistic results. We take advantage of the lush landscape of North Carolina by providing a range of ecotherapy options. Ecotherapy, including wilderness therapy, helps young men use tools from behavioral therapy sessions in outdoor activities to build resilience, change belief systems, and heal. With individual, group, and family therapy, Red Oak helps young men reconnect, improve communication, and thrive.

Call Red Oak Recovery® to Get Started with a 12-Step Program Today

Don’t look for 12-step programs in Knoxville. Instead, find the ecotherapy a young man in your life needs. Call Red Oak Recovery® now at 866.457.7590 to learn more about the benefits of our 12-step programs for young men in North Carolina today.