Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment in North Carolina

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Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment in North Carolina

Men and women tend to develop substance use disorders for different reasons. The pressures that the world can put on men can cause them to create a mindset where admitting to having a problem signals that they are weak and “unmanly.” Taking part in a gender-specific treatment program outside of Caramel, IN can benefit men needing help dealing with a substance use disorder. To learn about our North Carolina treatment center, reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

What is Gender-Specific Treatment?

Facilities offering gender-specific treatment for men create programs designed to address the biological differences of their sex. The experiences of men are often different when it comes to living with a substance use disorder. The treatment programs at Red Oak Recovery® account for those differences in ways that support men’s specific needs.

Men dealing with anger issues can see them get out of control, leading to violent confrontations that lead to a severe injury. The fallout can be enough to cost them their freedom or even their life. Admitting themselves to a gender-specific treatment program outside of Caramel, IN can be vital to gaining control and living a sober life.

Gender Focused Treatment For Men

Men often feel compelled to put up a front of masculinity when in the presence of women. Being around other men who are also dealing with substance use disorders can help them lower their walls and be more receptive to a rehab program outside of Caramel, IN.

Male clients get the opportunity to form lasting friendships they can carry over into their daily lives. Other males can offer insights into past behaviors without judgment and offer advice and support to each other.

Not having women around can remove the temptation to get involved in a relationship while in a rehab setting. Romantic connections between clients tend to be a distraction and could throw a client off-track. A same-sex environment can take that out of the mix, allowing clients to focus only on getting well and learning to live free of addiction in the real world.

Benefits of Gender-Based Treatment for Men

A men-only treatment center allows therapists to take a more focused approach to individual plans. Men face unique challenges when it comes to addiction. By receiving treatment at Red Oak Recovery®, men can get away from the pressures society often places upon them. Attempting to live up to those stereotypes can exacerbate toxic and destructive behaviors.

In a gender-specific treatment program for men, they can discuss issues they feel ashamed to address in a mixed-gender setting. Red Oak Recovery® encourages male clients to free themselves from any guilt or shame about their personal history.

The past experiences of every individual inform the therapeutic solutions that make up their treatment plans. Men learn to understand that there will be stumbles along the way. Sometimes the idea of failure can cause frustration. Red Oak Recovery® helps male residents figure out their triggers and positive ways of processing their emotions.

Men learn that having an addiction does not make them weak or less deserving of respect. It’s not going to be an easy road. We give male clients the skillset needed to navigate the world once they complete the program.

Get Treatment at Red Oaks Recovery

Oak View Recovery believes in helping male clients become the best versions of themselves. We craft treatment programs designed to address the mental health and addiction issues that may be holding them back from living a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to help clients break the cycle of addiction and prepare them to live in a world free of substance use.

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