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Benefits Of Acupuncture In The Recovery Process

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Benefits Of Acupuncture In The Recovery Process

/At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer weekly acupuncture to our clients. Lying comfortably in a group setting, they relax to music and other sound therapy while receiving acupuncture treatments specifically designed to assist them in their recovery process. Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practiced for over 2000 years, and is continually evolving as a component of contemporary healthcare.  Over the past 35 years, a system has been developed to specifically address the symptoms of addiction recovery. Coined the ‘NADA detox treatment’, it involves the insertion of needles in five points on each ear, known as auricular acupuncture.

Research has shown that regular treatments with this protocol assist in the reduction of cravings, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, headache and insomnia. In addition, studies have shown that the incorporation of acupuncture into a recovery program reduces the rate of relapse thus providing long term support for the client. Programs using the NADA detox treatment have been established worldwide, and the prevalence and appropriateness of acupuncture for addictions is well established. The US federal government’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment , the United Nations, as well as the US Department of Defense/Veteran’s Affairs  have each published best practice guidelines that address the value of acupuncture for chemical dependency.

Our acupuncture sessions are done in a group setting, and typically last about an hour.  At Red Oak Recovery®, we incorporate the NADA detox treatment along with other acupuncture points on the body to enhance the effects of the protocol and really tailor the treatments to the individual. Additionally, clients are provided with sound healing therapy, encouraged to focus on breathing techniques and guided with other meditative tools during their treatment. At the end of the sessions, clients are amazed at how relaxed and refreshed they feel, and many comment how much they forward to their weekly acupuncture therapy.

For more information on NADA detoxification treatments visit the NADA website.