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How Alternatives to Austin, TX Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

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How Alternatives to Austin, TX Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Most people who become addicted to prescription pills don’t intend to misuse a substance. Doctors prescribe prescription pain relievers regularly for injured people or those who are dealing with post-surgical pain. The problem with the pills is not their initial use. Instead, it’s how quickly the body builds up a tolerance to the drug. Most people who use prescription opioids or opiates find that their body quickly requires more and more of the drug to get the same effect. If you or someone you love are struggling with a prescription pill addiction, Austin, TX drug rehab centers may not be able to help. At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer men’s rehab and other therapeutic programs in North Carolina. We are here to support your recovery.

At Red Oak Recovery®, we are committed to helping each man overcome their addiction. With treatment options like wilderness therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, many of the men we treat are able to enter long-term sobriety. If you’re suffering from an addiction to prescription pills or another substance, we can help. Reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590 or using our convenient online form to learn more about your options for drug addiction treatment in North Carolina.

Opioids and the Brain

Most prescription pain pills are opioids. These drugs affect the brain in two different ways. First, they stop the brain from receiving pain signals from the rest of the body. Secondly, they create an intense feeling of euphoria for the user. Unfortunately, tolerance occurs quickly, causing the user to need increased quantities of the drug. Many people go through the amount prescribed by their doctor quickly and end up resorting to illegal activities to get more of the drug.

Addiction to opioid pain pills often occurs because of the intense euphoria that they provide. However, using opioids over a long period of time can lead to a range of health issues, including:

  • Chronic constipation and nausea
  • Liver damage
  • Brain damage due to lack of oxegyn in the brain
  • Heightened risk of a heart attack
  • Immunosuppression, which leads to decreased protection against disease

In time, using prescription opioids can have potentially deadly effects. Therefore, it’s important to look into the available treatment options.

Beating Opioid Addiction

Beating opioid addiction can be hard, but it’s far from impossible. When you’re ready to make a change, you must work with a qualified drug rehab center to get you started on the path to recovery. Opioids can change the physical structure and chemistry of the brain. Qualified medical professionals and counselors can work with you to help you understand and cope with the ways that opioids have affected your brain. It will be important to find new ways to enjoy life, especially as you adjust to new habits in recovery.

Treatment At Red Oak Recovery®, an Alternative to an Austin, TX Drug Rehab Center

At our North Carolina men’s rehab, we believe in treating each of our patients as individuals. Our counselors need to work with you to understand the circumstances that led you to addiction. When we understand the root cause, we’re able to start fighting your addiction at the source. We offer many different modalities of treatment to our clients, including:

We’ll talk with you to understand which types of treatment makes the most sense for your needs. As you progress on your path to recovery, we may adjust your treatment methods to serve you better. We know that recovery is a process, and we’ll be with you through every bump in the road.

Why Gender-Specific Recovery?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Men and women are equally affected by the disease. In rehab and recovery settings, it can be helpful for clients when therapies are gender-specific. Interacting with one’s gender minimizes distraction facilitating a more relatable experience. Gender-specific recovery isn’t the only way to go through rehab, but it can be helpful for many. An Austin, TX men’s rehab center may not offer the gender-specific treatment you need. However, Red Oak Recovery® is ready to get you on the path to a new life.

Call Red Oak Recovery® for Addiction Treatment

If you’re ready to get healthy for good, the staff at our men’s drug rehab center can’t wait to talk with you. Call one of our caring counselors at 866.457.7590 to learn more about our services and decide whether they may be a good fit for your needs. You aren’t doomed to a life of addiction. Help is available, and you need to take the first step by contacting Red Oak Recovery®.