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Alcoholism in Men: A Common Danger

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Alcoholism in Men: A Common Danger

Because alcohol is legal and readily available, it can be easily abused. Also, alcohol is frequently a part of many and most social interactions and gatherings, especially for men. Thus, the risk of alcohol abuse runs high for men. Alcoholism in men has become a global epidemic. It has hurt and even killed many millions of people over the years. But why is this problem so persistent, and what can you do to change it? By fully understanding these simple concepts, it is possible to get treatment for alcoholism by learning why it such a persistent issue for you or somebody whom you love. Fortunately, Red Oak Recovery® specializes in alcohol addiction treatment for men as well as other substance use issues. To get treatment for an addiction, contact our North Carolina treatment center today.

Statistics on Alcoholism in Men

Alcoholism in men is a prevalent danger that affects millions of people, but just how problematic has this danger become? A study recently calculated how many men were addicted to alcohol, and the statistics that they found were quite disturbing:

  • Over 14.4 million adults over the age of 18 have an Alcohol Abuse Disorder (nearly six percent)
  • Of this group, about 9.2 million men had an AUD (almost eight percent of this age group)
  • Only eight percent of those men with an AUD got treatment for their disorder
  • Between the ages of 12-17, around 173,000 boys abused alcohol (1.4 percent of those within this group)
  • Only 5.6 of young men affected by AUD get treatment for this condition during a typical year
  • About 88,000 people die every year from alcohol-related diseases – the third-largest preventable death group
  • From this group, about 62,000 men died – which is close to 70 percent of all alcohol-related deaths
  • Globally, over 3.3 million people die of alcohol-related deaths every year – most of which are men

All of these dangers are preventable and tragic when they don’t get adequately assessed and treated. Thankfully, many types of high-quality rehab can help men suffering from this problem. It is a treatment program that addresses both the underlying mental health issues an individual has and their addiction to alcohol. By treating both the mental and physical sides of addiction simultaneously, individuals stand the best chance of making a successful recovery. But why are men more likely to experience alcoholism than women?

Why These Problems Occur

When examining the high rates of alcoholism in men, it is essential to gauge not only their physical dependency but emotional and sociological issues. For example, studies have found that men usually experience more physical addiction to alcohol than women. As a result, their withdrawal may be more severe. And while their psychological dependence is lower, many men use alcohol for stress relief.

Just as critically, the sociological perception of alcohol abuse in men is much different than in women. While more women drink than have in the past, many still associate alcohol abuse with a cliched idea of “manhood.” As a result, a man who drinks may feel that they need to continue drinking to be manly, which can make it hard for many to accept the help of a young adult rehab program.

Ways Rehab Can Help

If you are worried about alcoholism in men and want to protect yourself or someone whom you love, please reach out to us at Red Oak Recovery®. When you call 866.457.7590, you get access to a clinically-focused facility that can help with trauma, nutritional help, psychiatric treatment, and much more. We utilize a true hybrid program that takes you out of your environment in an adventure therapy situation, and by getting this type of help, you can walk back from addiction, clean and sober. So please verify your insurance to get started on the path towards your ultimate addiction recovery.