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Letter from Our Director

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

While every story is unique, we understand the hardships and challenges that you and your family have faced around substance use and mental health. Many of us have lived it, and therefore know that recovery is possible with the right support. Red Oak works to heal the whole family system, rather than trying to simply “fix” the symptoms. We don’t rely on the treatment models from 40 years ago: We incorporate the new science in brain chemistry, trauma, and family systems to provide a cutting-edge therapeutic experience for our clients and their families. We focus on recovery, but we also work with the underlying emotional issues at a deeper level to enable organic, sustainable change. We draw on each client’s unique strengths and values as we build a collaborative treatment plan. Our therapists are dually licensed for both substance abuse and mental health, trained in specific trauma modalities, and diverse in their treatment approaches. This means we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach and are able to meet individual clients’ needs.  

– Brant Evans, MA