Everyone experiences anger sometimes. The emotion itself isn’t the problem since it’s natural and normal to feel angry. The problem comes in when people don’t know how to keep their anger under control. Instead, they let the emotion control them. Anger management therapy can be beneficial for people who need to learn to channel their anger in better ways.

The Need for Anger Management Therapy

individuals participating in anger management therapyNot everyone who is angry will lash out and yell. Others may get sulky and moody. Some people who need anger management therapy seem chronically grouchy.

Whether it’s the person who’s always screaming or the one who’s consistently in a bad mood, not surprisingly, others may begin avoiding these angry individuals. It’s no fun being around someone whose anger is continually bubbling under the surface. Their relationships with others become strained, and they feel isolated. This may make them even angrier.

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to express anger. Signs that someone allows their anger to spiral out of control include:

  • Becoming physically violent
  • Breaking things and slamming doors
  • Engaging in risky behavior, such as reckless driving
  • Craving substances that they find relaxing, such as drugs and alcohol
  • Belittling others or calling names

The more a person ignores an anger management problem, the more likely they are to suffer physical and mental health problems. It also increases the risk of substance use.

Anger and Substance Use

People who are angry more often than not may turn to drug and alcohol use as a way to cope with their negative feelings. The longer they drink heavily or use illicit substances, the greater the chance they’ll become depressed and anxious, leading to the need for addiction therapy services.

In this case, treatment for addiction is necessary alongside anger management therapy. Without treatment, not only will they experience negative consequences associated with their out-of-control anger, but they’ll also suffer the damaging impact of substance dependency.

The Benefits of Therapy

Change is never easy, but it is possible. The right anger management therapy program can help you take steps toward expressing your emotions in positive ways. This, in turn, can improve your mental and physical health.

With help from skilled therapists, you’ll learn how to identify your triggers and productive ways to respond to them. You’ll practice relaxation and problem-solving techniques. You’ll also improve your communication skills so that you openly express emotions other than anger.

All of this can help you live a more balanced life. You won’t need drugs or alcohol to make you “feel better.” You’ll be able to face stressful situations without blowing up. Yes, you’ll still get angry at times, but you’ll handle the emotion instead of letting it handle you.

A Safe Sanctuary in North Carolina at Red Oak Recovery

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