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Adjustment Disorder Treatment Program

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man talking to his doctor in his adjustment disorder treatment programThere can be many uncertainties in life. These include job issues, family problems, and illness, to name just a few. While some people seem able to handle stressful situations and then move on, others have trouble adapting to changes, whether they’re minor or major. An adjustment disorder treatment program can help these people cope with planned and unplanned events in a healthy, positive way.

What Is Adjustment Disorder?

Adjustment disorder is a type of mood disorder that’s sometimes called situational depression. You can identify the disorder through excessive and extreme reactions to identifiable stressors. In general, the stress that leads to an adjustment disorder isn’t as traumatic as stress that results in PTSD. However, people suffering from this type of disorder feel very sad and hopeless. They may feel unable to move forward with their lives. The following are signs that someone may need an adjustment disorder treatment program:

  • A reaction that’s out of proportion to the event
  • Ongoing distress
  • Impaired functioning in a job, school, or family obligations
  • Increasing anxiety and nervousness
  • Feeling overwhelmed

An adjustment disorder typically develops within a few months of the stressful event.

Addiction and Adjustment Disorder

What happens when someone just can’t deal with a recent divorce, cross-country move or parenthood? Not everyone will need an adjustment disorder treatment program, but if symptoms persist, it may be necessary. Without treatment, some people may turn to drug and alcohol use as a way to cope with their negative feelings. This presents a whole new set of problems. Mental health disorders increase the likelihood of substance use. Instead of getting the treatment they need, many people try to self-medicate, either with prescription antidepressants or other drugs. As a result, their mental health declines, and now they’re also at risk of developing an addiction.

The Benefits of an Adjustment Disorder Treatment Program

In an adjustment disorder treatment program, talk therapy is a significant component for participants. Sometimes, professionals may prescribe medication if they feel it’s necessary. With proper treatment, clients begin to recognize negative thoughts and patterns. They then learn to replace them with positive thoughts and behaviors instead of allowing the negativity to overtake them. In time, they’ll begin to look at life in a different way, one that inspires positivity and hope. If they need substance use treatment at the same time, dual diagnosis care will address both disorders. This type of treatment is essential for people with co-occurring disorders, as only treating one condition isn’t effective. By only addressing depression, the underlying addiction issues remain untouched. Likewise, only treating substance use does nothing for the causes and symptoms of depression. Do you or a loved one need dual diagnosis treatment? Consider a facility in Asheville, North Carolina that’s equipped to meet the unique challenges facing young men and women in need of rehab.

A Focus on Total Wellness at Red Oak Recovery®

At Red Oak Recovery®, dual-credentialed clinicians treat clients with a combination of holistic therapy and evidence-based programs. We believe that you have the potential to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and lead a healthier, happier life. The young adult rehab programs we offer include:

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