When trauma hits, you may be compelled to use drugs or alcohol to calm your nerves or depression. Thankfully, trauma-informed care may help. At Red Oak Recovery, we have years of experience helping manage pain. Our specialists can guide you to a life not only free of these negative emotions but free from drug use as well at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Leicester, NC

Trauma May Influence Drug Addiction

young man receives trauma informed care from an addiction treatment program in NC

Trauma may occur at any time to anybody and can cause a myriad of health problems. For example, trauma may trigger anxiety and depression that causes PTSD and other side effects. People trying to deal with these emotions may attempt to self-medicate in harmful ways. Sadly, many turn to alcohol and drugs as a way of managing their trauma symptoms. But they are only doing themselves a grave disservice.

Substance use does not eliminate the underlying pain caused by the trauma. All it does is mask the symptoms and make them temporarily tolerable. Once the drugs wear off, that person will feel just as bad. They may even feel worse. Most people who use drugs for trauma care understand that they are hurting themselves and may worsen their symptoms. As a result, trauma-informed care is necessary.

How Trauma-Informed Care Helps

Trauma-informed care is any treatment method that takes into account a person’s injury before implementing any care solution. A large number of care facilities have made this a critical part of addiction care. In many ways, a real treatment program cannot start unless you fully understand a person’s trauma. Fully understanding this trauma helps to provide many care benefits, including:

  • The ability to understand the root of a person’s suffering
  • A better grasp of the different emotional effects of substance use
  • Calming influences on those affected by trauma and substance use
  • Help to find treatment for trauma
  • A better understanding of a person’s needs and those of their addiction treatment

As you can see, this care option is critical for your addiction care. If you’ve ever experienced any trauma, you should get this treatment. This fact is true, even if you don’t have an addiction. However, you should also get trauma care if you do have a drug dependency. Doing so can help you not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but feel happier about your life at the same time.

Other Care Methods at Red Oak Recovery

At Red Oak Recovery, we are dedicated to trauma-informed treatment. At Red Oak Recovery, our clients walk away from pain and live a happier life through our addiction therapy programs, which include:

These are just a few of the many great care options we provide our clients. As a result, you receive the attention you deserve. Make sure that you’re ready to adjust your care, as needed, to keep it as reliable and effective as possible.

Trauma-Informed Care at Red Oak Recovery

At Red Oak Recovery, you can get access to trauma-informed care options. We strive to provide our clients with the help they need to recover. Each of our clients is treated as an individual and given individualized treatment options. In this way, you can learn more about yourself and the root of your addiction. Please call 828.382.9699 now to learn more and to verify your insurance before you visit. Don’t let addiction take over your life and fight for your freedom instead.