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Acupuncture Therapy

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People can manage pain in numerous ways. Unfortunately, many turn to their doctors for help and end up with a prescription for opioid painkillers. While some doctors are ending their use of these prescriptions, the damage is already apparent. These addictive medications lead to opioid addiction due to overprescribing or self-medicating. Thankfully, holistic methods such as acupuncture therapy can help people naturally manage pain.

What Is Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture is a type of treatment that involves a professional who sticks thin needles into a person. The goal is to place the needles in specific points on the body and at various depths to relieve pain. Eastern civilizations have used acupuncture for centuries. In the West, it’s begun to catch on more, but people still meet it with skepticism.

How Does Acupuncture Relieve Pain?

individual participating in acupuncture therapyBefore people get acupuncture therapy for pain relief, they should understand how it works. Studies show that acupuncture has pain-relieving properties. The reason why, though, differs depending on who people ask. In the East, medical experts believe that acupuncture works because it balances energy within the body. Using needles, they redirect the flow of energy to promote healing where people need it. In the West, doctors have more of a scientific view on acupuncture therapy. They believe that it hits specific nerves that send pain-relieving signals to the brain. The needles also promote blood flow to that area of the body, which stimulates healing around the site. Regardless of why it works, the important thing is that it does. Studies indicate that acupuncture has a high rate of success among those who need holistic treatment approaches to pain management. With that said, this approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Why Choose Acupuncture?

People should choose acupuncture over other treatment methods for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t involve any drug use. Because of that, it’s a great choice for people who struggle with addiction or have a family history of drug abuse. It gives them pain relief without the need for drugs. Second, acupuncture is an affordable service that people can seek outside of rehab. Treatment centers offer numerous programs, but many of them are only obtainable during treatment. Acupuncture is a service that people can get whether or not they’re in rehab. Studies also show that acupuncture therapy does more than just relieve pain. It also relaxes the body. In fact, people who get acupuncture have lower stress levels. Keeping stress to a minimum is an important part in remaining drug-free after addiction treatment. It’s worth noting that, when a professional performs the service correctly, acupuncture is very safe. In fact, few side effects can occur. The most common is a slight discomfort at the site of the needle. In addition, it’s a treatment method that people can do in tandem with other holistic care.

Red Oak Recovery® Offers Holistic Treatment Options

At Red Oak Recovery®, we believe in using a mix of traditional and holistic treatment methods. We know that holistic care such as acupuncture therapy can aid natural pain relief. Of course, we offer more holistic services than just acupuncture. We offer other options like outdoor and wilderness therapy as well. Red Oak Recovery® focuses on providing addiction treatment programs that people can count on. For us, that means having a wide range of services that fit the needs of both men and women. We find that the more programs that we offer, the more young adults that we can help. Some of the services and programs that we use include:

Don’t let your pain go untreated. Find out more about acupuncture therapy and how it can help you at Red Oak Recovery®. Reach out for holistic help at 866-457-7590.