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Is a Drug Rehab Program in Palm Beach, FL My Only Option?

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Is a Drug Rehab Program in Palm Beach, FL My Only Option?

If you suffer from drug addiction in Florida, you’re not alone. In 2017, the United States government stated that over 70,000 people died from a drug addiction. More than half of those deaths involved opioids. Moreover, in 2018, 3% of Florida teens needed treatment for an illicit drug addiction but did not receive it. If you’re looking for a drug rehab program in Palm Beach, FL, you shouldn’t trust just any facility. Instead, choose an alternative program, such as the one at Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, NC. To learn more about our programs, call us today. 

Advantages of Not Choosing a Drug Rehab Program in Palm Beach, FL

One advantage of not choosing a drug rehab program in Palm Beach, FL is that you’re away from home. If you’re living at home during your addiction treatment program, you may run into a variety of triggers. Triggers are the people, places, and things that may make you want to drink or use drugs. These could be as simple as running to the store and seeing your friends who used drugs with you. Everyone will have to face those triggers eventually. After all, we’re human. However, to give you the best chance of recovery, you should avoid your triggers during the first steps of rehabilitation. 

Additionally, a drug rehab program in Palm Beach, FL may not be able to address the root cause of your addiction. Perhaps your dependency began when you got into a severe car accident and needed major surgery. The doctors gave you pain medication to deal with the pain. You also found it helped you forget the trauma of the accident. As a result, you started using the pills more often than your doctor intended you to. This use, unfortunately, led to your addiction. During our trauma therapy program, we can treat the underlying reasons for your dependency. Other treatment options may include:

Advantages of Gender-Specific Treatment

Another need that a drug rehab program in Palm Beach, FL may not address is a men’s only treatment program. For some people, addiction’s causes may not be appropriate in a co-ed treatment center. You may not feel comfortable discussing what led to your addiction if there are women present. A men’s rehab program takes away that discomfort. Instead, you’re with people who have been through what you’ve experienced. Moreover, you can focus on men’s issues, like the need to appear steady and healthy in American society. You won’t be distracted with issues such as pregnancy, which you will never encounter.

Choose a Better Option

At a drug rehab program in Palm Beach, you may have limited options. However, at Red Oak Recovery®, we will individualize your treatment and help you overcome your addiction. We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs, for men ages 18-30, such as:

To learn more about your treatment options at Red Oak Recovery®, contact our staff at 866.457.7590