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Depression and Anxiety: Is there a Connection

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Depression and Anxiety: Is there a Connection

woman suffering from depression and anxietyYou might consider depression and anxiety to be different states. Someone who’s depressed tends to have low energy and a loss of interest in activities, while an anxious person seems very agitated and excitable. In fact, the two mental health disorders share a connection. It’s possible to be depressed as well as anxious or to experience symptoms of both at different times.

The Connection Between Depression and Anxiety

Many people feel sad at times, as well as apprehensive before taking a big exam or going in for a major job interview. These feelings are normal. What happens, however, when they become all-consuming?

Characteristics of depression tend to include fatigue, disinterest in favorite activities or hobbies, and an inability to focus or make decisions.

Anxiety tends to include characteristics of intense worry, edginess, and an inability to manage even simple tasks due to feeling overwhelmed.

Anxious people have many fears, especially about what could happen. Depressed people, on the other hand, assume everything that occurs will be bad, just because everything else is.

Although depression and anxiety don’t always share the same traits, both present obstacles to enjoying life. It’s possible to start out with one disorder and then develop the other.

One thing both disorders share, and that’s the higher incidence of sufferers turning to drug and alcohol abuse as a way to cope with negative emotions or self-medicate.

Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Doctors prescribe antidepressants for both anxiety and depression. While some people do well with their prescription, others attempt to medicate themselves. They may drink heavily or use other addictive substances to feel better. Their high eventually gives way to the very feelings they tried to escape: depression and anxiety.

To make matters worse, the more a person abuses drugs and alcohol, the worse his or her mental health disorders become. Their feelings of sadness, despair, and hopelessness only increase as his addiction grows.

For young people with substance use disorder, getting treatment from young adult rehab programs is the best way to overcome this serious problem.

Our Commitment to Your Recovery

At Red Oak Recovery®, we focus exclusively on treatment for young adults. Our facility offers the only true hybrid program, combining a traditional therapeutic approach with adventure therapy.

As part of our young adult treatment programs, we offer:

  • Depression treatment center
  • Anxiety treatment program
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma treatment

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, our center recognizes the need for treatment options for young people struggling with mental health disorders. We accept clients from North Carolina, Georgia, and anywhere along the east coast. We also treat clients from as far away as California, who require the specialized care we offer.

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, substance use, or a combination of issues, the dedicated team at Red Oak Recovery® can help you. If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, reach out to us today at 866-457-7590.