Dealing with Depression

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Dealing with Depression

woman dealing with depressionDealing with depression is extremely difficult because you lack the motivation to do things that can help you. There’s a misconception about depression that people can simply pull themselves up and be happy and productive. The reality is that depression can make you feel lost and alone even though you’re not. This is one of the main reasons why people turn to substances like drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction.

Self-Medicating While Dealing with Depression

A leading cause of addiction is when a person is struggling with a mental illness, with depression being a common illness. We live in a world where the addiction crisis is no secret, but people keep turning to drugs and alcohol. The reason this happens is that dealing with depression is so tough that abusing substances seems like the only answer. It’s important to realize that people turn to substances for one or more of these three reasons:

  • To get a feeling
  • To get rid of a feeling
  • To have an escape

The issue is that turning to drugs or alcohol as a way of coping with depression only makes things worse. Abusing drugs and alcohol will change the chemistry in your brain, so you become more depressed. The other issues involved with depression when abusing substances involves your behaviors that bring guilt and shame. When you’re not following your own moral compass, it can fuel your depressive thoughts and emotions.

How Treatment Helps with Dealing with Depression

An addiction and depression treatment center can assist you with learning how to live a better life through new coping skills. Due to your substance use, you have trained your brain to believe that substances are the only solution. In treatment, you’ll work with professionals who will help you get down to the source of the issues you’re facing. Most people never learned proper coping strategies when growing up, which is why this can be a bright new path in which change occurs.

By getting clean and going through therapy, your brain begins to heal and will start making neurotransmitters on its own. In some cases, you may receive non-narcotic antidepressant medications that help to speed up the process. One of the other great ways to begin getting out of your depression is the support and connections with others in treatment. Depression thrives off of feelings of being alone and disconnected, which is why peer support is so beneficial.

Going to Treatment at Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® offers young adult rehab programs for those struggling with mental illness as well as an addiction. Our staff is here to provide you with a variety of different treatment methods to help you face life successfully. Through our program, you’ll see that your life is not over, and it’s really just beginning. Some of the programs we offer here at Red Oak Recovery® include:

Dealing with depression can feel impossible without the proper help. To get yourself or your loved one the help necessary, reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today. Call us today at 866-457-7590 to learn about your options.