5 Daily Relapse Prevention Techniques

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5 Daily Relapse Prevention Techniques

Gaining control of a substance use disorder represents a tremendous step in the recovery process. It takes time and constant practice of relapse prevention techniques to keep your addictive behaviors under control. Relapse is a common occurrence among recovering addicts and is a normal part of recovery. Sticking to a daily relapse prevention plan can help you avoid giving in to triggers that could send you into a relapse. If you need help with daily relapse prevention, contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

1. Stay Aware of Your Triggers

Relapse triggers vary between individuals. However, there are some factors common among those in recovery. Keep the acronym HALT in mind, which stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. If you experience a craving for your former substance of choice, stop and ask yourself whether you’re feeling one of these emotions instead.

Emotions like anxiety, frustration, boredom, and depression can you when you’re fresh out of rehab. The idea of drowning out all those feelings with drugs or alcohol becomes very tempting. Make sure you keep any temptations out of your immediate vicinity. It’s critical to cut contact with those who persist in bringing those items around you or are otherwise unsupportive of your attempts to remain sober.

2. Focus on Self-Care

Incorporate activities into your daily routine that put you in a good state of mind. That could be anything from watching the sunrise in the morning to signing up for an online writing class. Do what you can to keep negative influences out of your immediate sphere of contact.

Come up with a daily routine that you commit to every day. Doing things like getting up at the same time in the morning, sticking to a balanced diet, and going to bed on time can relax your mind and body and improve your sleep patterns.

Think about adding some form of physical activity to your schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. It’s okay if you take some time to find something you like. Open yourself up to something you never thought you’d do, like yoga or even rock climbing. The hormones produced during physical activity can leave you feeling good and less prone to relapse.

3. Try to Stay Busy

Another critical aspect of recovery is finding ways of keeping yourself busy during the day. Having a job or going back to school keeps you occupied and helps you avoid a relapse. Too much free time can be a pathway back to temptation. If you’re having trouble finding employment or can’t handle a daily job’s stress, think about volunteering in your community.

Other relapse prevention techniques you can use to stay busy include reading all the books by your favorite author or taking up a hobby like painting. Look for ways to challenge yourself and show that you are more than your addiction.

4. Keep Yourself Grounded

Take a few moments each day to focus your five senses on the immediate moment. Push out any negativity tied to substance use, anxieties, or other things that are unhealthy. The 5-4-3-2-1 relapse prevention technique starts with you taking some deep breaths, then focusing on:

  • Seeing five things
  • Touching four things
  • Hearing three things
  • Smelling two things
  • Tasting one thing

5. Turn to Your Support Group

Reach out to a friend, family member, or even a sponsor each day. Staying social keeps you connected to the real world. Having a strong support foundation gives you someone to turn to whenever you find yourself tempted to use drugs or alcohol again.

Red Oak Recovery® can help you develop relapse prevention techniques to avoid relapse once you complete one of our programs.

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