the setting for an opioid rehab Atlanta offersLooking for an opioid rehab Atlanta trusts is a wise choice, even though you likely have many fears about going into treatment. Those fears commonly affect people wanting to end their addiction. They also include denial about your dependence on opioids. You need to look past your worries to envision the better life that waits for you after rehab.

Denial is your addiction’s voice, the one telling you that you are okay. But in rational moments you know you need help. Opioid rehab is where that help begins.

Options for Opioid Rehab Atlanta Offers

If you live and work in Atlanta, you naturally look for opioid rehab Atlanta can offer. But looking beyond Atlanta for a new start is a better choice. You need clarity and focus during rehab. An opioid rehab Atlanta offers will keep you close to your drug addiction and all of its triggers and temptations.

Looking beyond Atlanta opens you up to a better fit from your chosen drug addiction treatment center. After all, you’re a unique individual. So why limit yourself to rehab that fits someone else?

Near Asheville, North Carolina is an opioid rehab for young adults. Red Oak Recovery provides gender-specific treatment for young people wanting lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Traveling just beyond Atlanta gives you many benefits including:

  • Distance from triggers and temptations
  • Anonymity and privacy in treatment
  • Space from stressors
  • A feeling of a fresh start
  • Focus on treatment, not what is beyond rehab doors
  • Program better suited to your needs

Opioid Rehab in North Carolina

Red Oak Recovery is a multi-campus rehab with gender-specific programs for men and women near Asheville, North Carolina. At Red Oak Recovery you gain evidence-based treatment as a basis for your healthier, happier future in sobriety. This treatment includes addiction therapies, 12 step addiction recovery, family counseling and adventure therapies.

Because you gain treatment among other young adults, you also gain better support in your recovery. You learn about healthier relationships and build connections to people your age. At the same time, you heal wounds from past trauma and problems that led you to opioid abuse, in the first place.

In Asheville rehab, you focus completely on your recovery. Being away from your triggers, temptations, stress and negative relationships helps you achieve goals of early recovery and strengthen for your return to home.

Many treatment programs provide limited stays, such as 28 or 30-day rehabs using a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. But how long you stay at Red Oak Recovery depends on your individual needs. If you need a more extended period in rehab, that time exists, and you gain a stronger base for sobriety before leaving the program.

Individualized Treatment at Red Oak Recovery

Red Oak Recovery is a unique facility that offers treatment for many addictions, including prescription drug addiction. Their hybrid approach to recovery has a strong focus on outdoor wilderness and adventure while also meeting your clinical treatment needs.

Our young adult rehab programs can include the following:

Are the options of opioid rehab Atlanta offers not what you need for recovery? Do you or a loved one require help for an opioid addiction? Call Red Oak Recovery now at 828.382.9699 to learn about our services and find lasting recovery today.