When people look for drug rehab centers in Virginia, they need to consider a lot of things. Finding the right mix of programs can make the difference between relapsing and overcoming addiction. When you’re seeking recovery, you want to ensure that you choose the best rehab center for your needs. Therefore, you should consider all of your options.

The Importance of Gender-Specific Care

Young man who benefitted from drug rehab centers in VirginiaMany drug rehab centers in Virginia discount the importance of gender-specific treatment. They offer “one-size-fits-all” programs without considering the different needs of men or women. For example, men and women tend to process trauma and grief differently, which are often the root causes of addiction. Addressing these differences helps individuals recover from addiction quicker.

Young Adult Programs

In addition to gender, many drug rehab centers in Virginia fail to meet the needs of young adults. Unfortunately, drug addiction among young adults is at an all-time high. Whether you’re a young adult or a parent, it’s vital to choose a rehabilitation center that caters to this unique demographic.

Family Counseling

Because addiction affects everyone involved, the best rehab centers tend to emphasize family counseling. The family provides the backbone of support for people who undergo addiction treatment. It’s important for rehab centers to involve them in as many ways as possible.

One reason why family therapy is so important is that it rebuilds lines of communication. It’s common for communication to break down between family members and those who struggle with addiction. People who struggle with addiction feel like their family members don’t understand them. On the flip side, family members feel like they don’t know or can’t trust their loved ones anymore.

It’s also worth noting that family therapy acts as addiction education for family members. They tend to misunderstand addiction. In fact, some think that it’s nothing more than a poor life choice. Family therapy can help them understand addiction and what their loved ones experience on a daily basis.

Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor or adventure therapy is another popular addition to drug addiction treatment. The goal is to provide a therapeutic escape from everyday troubles. This type of therapy also provides new hobbies that they can participate in after rehab. Enjoying new hobbies is one of the best ways for people to avoid relapse after treatment.

Dealing with addiction is stressful. It’s important for people to find ways to reduce this stress and focus on treatment. Adventure therapy helps them do just that. The best rehab centers describe adventure therapy as a therapeutic escape mixed with active learning. Some people simply learn better when they’re active, and adventure therapy is the perfect option.

You Don’t Have to Settle on Drug Rehab Centers in Virginia

Although drug rehab centers in Virginia may seem convenient, you don’t have to sacrifice that convenience for quality. At Red Oak Recovery in Asheville, North Carolina, we provide addiction treatment programs for young adults. Elements of our program include:

We’re one of the only rehab centers along the East Coast that offer a truly hybrid treatment program. We combine wilderness and outdoor programs with clinical treatment. It’s this combination that makes the programs that we offer different from other rehab centers. Our programs focus on healing not only the body and mind but also the soul.

Don’t limit yourself to finding treatment within Virginia. Consider getting help elsewhere along the East Coast. Reach out to Red Oak Recovery today at 828.382.9699 for more information about how we can help.